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Turnbull On Brexit Boost

Brexit boost who wins?  Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said market shocks in the wake of Brexit, would impact economic confidence. Furthermore, he stated categorically how critical for Australian voters to keep a stable majority government next week July 2.

The supposed global economic shock will likely favor the coalition in the final week of the marathon election campaign.  Australians traditionally unlikely to vote for change in uncertain times, while the Liberal Party has long been regarded as the better economic managers.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten again played down the impact of Brexit. He reported divisions within the Liberal Party on key issues made them unfit for government.

Mr. Turnbull said it was clear most global powerhouses did not expect Britain to leave the EU.

Malcolm Turnbull quotes on Brexit:

“The British decision to leave the European Union is not helpful in terms of the global economic recovery’’.

“You cannot take your growth for granted. You cannot take investment for granted. You cannot take jobs for granted”.

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Shorten on Brexit Boost

Bill Shorten on Brexit:

Mr.Shorten said Brexit showed conservative governments could not be trusted to run the economy.

“The lesson for me in Brexit is when you have a disunited divided conservative government you will get uncertain economic outcomes,’.

Mr.Turnbull resumed his campaign in Western Sydney on Sunday saying that The “fragile” global economic recovery has taken a hit from the  Brexit result, even as he sought to reassure Australians that a re-elected Coalition can weather gathering waves of instability.

Both Mr.Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten sought to turn the British vote to their advantage ahead of this week’s federal election. The Prime Minister stressed the need for continuity and stability while Mr.Shorten drew parallels between the Tory party disunity that paved the way for the Brexit vote and the delicate truce within the Liberal Party under Mr.Turnbull.

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