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List of books by Brett Battles

List of Books By Brett Battles with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Brett Battles. Find my selection in date order of Brett Battles books.

Brett Battles List of Books to Read

Jonathan Quinn Books

The Cleaner / Hung Out To Die    (2007)           

The Deceived           (2008)           

Shadow of Betrayal / The Unwanted     (2009)           

Just Another Job     (2011)           

The Silenced (2011)           

Off the Clock            (2011)           

Becoming Quinn     (2011)           

The Destroyed         (2012)           

The Collected           (2012)           

The Enraged (2013)           

The Discarded          (2014)           

Lesson Plan  (2014)           

Night Work   (2015)           

The Buried    (2015)           

The Unleashed         (2015)           

The Aggrieved          (2017)           

The Fractured          (2018)           

The Damaged           (2019)

The Excoms Books

The Excoms  (2016)           

Town at the Edge of Darkness     (2017)           

City of Nope (2018)           

Harold Middleton Books

The Copper Bracelet          (2010)


Logan Harper Books

Little Girl Gone        (2011)           

Every Precious Thing          (2011)           

Project Eden Books

Sick     (2011)           

Exit 9  (2011)           

Pale Horse    (2012)           

Ashes (2012)           

Eden Rising   (2013)           

Dream Sky    (2014)           

Down (2014)

Trouble Family Chronicles Books

Here Comes Mr. Trouble   (2011)

Alexandra Poe Books

Poe     (2013)           

Takedown     (2013)

Wayward Pines Books

Alone (2013)

Rewinder Books

Rewinder      (2014)           

Destroyer      (2016)           

Survivor         (2017)           

Mine Books

Mine  (2016)           

The Arrival    (2016)

Chronological Order of Mine Books

The Arrival    (2016)           

Mine  (2016)           

Standalone Novels

The Pull of Gravity  (2011)           

No Return     (2012)           

Night Man    (2019)           


Short Stories

Perfect Gentleman (2011)           

The Assignment       (2013)           

Quick Study  (2014)           

Short Story Collections

Shaken: Stories for Japan  (2011)                                                                       

List of books by Brett Battles

So there you have a list of books  and date of publication from the Author Brett Battles.

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