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List of books by Brendan Dubois

List of Books By Brendan Dubois with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Brendan Dubois. Find my selection in date order of Brendan Dubois.

Brendan Dubois List of Books to Read

Lewis Cole Books

Dead Sand    (1994)           

Black Tide     (1995)           

The Shattered Shell            (1999)           

Killer Waves (2001)           

Buried Dreams         (2004)           

Primary Storm         (2006)           

Deadly Cove (2011)           

Fatal Harbor (2014)           

Blood Foam  (2015)           

Storm Cell     (2016)           

Hard Aground          (2018)

Empire Of The North Books

The Noble Warrior  (2012)           

The Noble Prisoner (2012)           

The Noble Prince     (2013)           

Dark Victory Books

Dark Victory (2015)           

Red Vengeance       (2017)           

Black Triumph          (2018)           

Standalone Novels

Resurrection Day    (1998)           

Six Days         (2001)           

Betrayed       (2003)           

Final Winter (2006)           

Amerikan Eagle        (2011)           

Twilight         (2007)           

Night Road   (2016)           

The Negotiator        (2018)           

The First Lady          (2018)           

The Cornwalls Are Gone    (2019)


Short Stories

On the Plains of Deception           (2011)           

The Spirits of Crawford Notch     (2012)           

The Witnesses         (2016)           

After the End           (2017)           

Short Story Collections

The Dark Snow and Other Mysteries     (2002)           

Tales from the Dark Woods          (2002)           

Tales from the Dark Snow (2011)           

Death of a Gemini and Other Military Mysteries        (2011)           

Blue and Gray Tales of Mystery   (2012)           

Lost on the Moon and Other Tales Of Science Fiction           (2013)

Non-Fiction Books

Breaking into the Mystery Short Story Market: It’s No Crime!        (2011)           

Writing the First Person Detective Novel: The I’s Have It!    (2011)           

My Short, Happy Life in ‘Jeopardy’         (2013)           

Stone Cold, Blood Red: N.H. Tales of Mystery (2013)                                               

List of books by Brendan Dubois

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Brendan Dubois.


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