BPL (Bangladesh Premier League) vs IPL (Indian Premier League)

Difference Between BPL vs IPL

Cricket in the Southern part of Asia has no competition when it comes to the most played game. They cherish the game a lot.

In this part of the continent, cricket fans and followers are more compared to the number of cricket fans anywhere else in the world.

In countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka there take this game more seriously than others. They have the most competitive domestic leagues in cricket today.

Of all the leagues, the Indian Premier League and Bangladesh Premier League are the most prestigious.

These two leagues are very competitive and they are known very well around the world.

These two leagues are the most competitive and all but as usual, they are two different leagues so there are some differences between them.

A Table Showing The Similarities And Differences Of Both Leagues

This league has a total of six teamsThis league has a total of nine teams
They make use of their home team players mostly but they also accept foreign playersThey also make use of their home team players more often and they also take foreign players at times
Only a maximum of five foreign players are allowed to play on every teamThey accept a maximum of four foreign players in every team.

One thing about bringing in foreign players is that they tend to cost a lot for the team.

Both leagues are mostly gunning for money. The amount of money a team has dictates the team’s winning or losing streak.

This is so because when a team has a lot of money to spend, they tend to buy good players and they perform exquisitely in most of their games.

When it comes to money and good financial status, IPL is rated higher than BPL in this aspect.

Based on this reason, higher star players play mostly for IPL than they do for BPL.

The number of fans and audience that turn up for these two leagues when they play is always very high. This is why they are very famous around the world.

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Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)

This is a proficient  20 cricket league that has a total of seven franchises. The BPL is among the three main cricket leagues found in Bangladesh.

The league is ranked as number 16 in the world for having more fans than most cricket leagues.

By the end of the year, around November, the league kicks off with every team going against each other two times during the league stage.

As the league comes to an end, the highest teams in the league ranging from first to fourth, move to the playoffs.

One elimination game is played in the playoffs following two qualifier matches which dictates the final game. This is where the winners of both qualifiers 1 and 2 meet head to head for the cup.

The Bangladesh Premier League was created in 2011 with the orders of the Bangladesh Cricket Board.

It was created because the league before it had been suspended in 2009/2010. The suspended league was the National Cricket League.

The very first season played in this league was played in February 2012 and the venues were Dhaka and Chittagong.

The main name in the BPL is the chairman of the league’s governing council.

The team heading the BPL with the most titles is the Dhaka Dynamites and they are leading with three titles to their name.

Although this team has more than that, but they were formerly known as the Dhaka Gladiators when they carried their first two titles.

Some other teams with the BPL title are teams like the Comilla Victorians, Rangpur Riders, Rajshani Royals.

The present champions are the Rajshani Royals, they defeated the Khulna Tigers in the finals to get this title.

In 2020, the league was meant to go on without including any franchise, just the Bangladesh Cricket Board doing all the arrangements.

They concluded to do this after a meeting was held by the Bangladesh Cricket Board and the franchises owners.

After this was agreed upon, the BCB couldn’t meet the needs of every team at the time so the league was cancelled due to coronavirus.

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IPL (Indian Premier League)

This is a proficient 20 league that is played by eight teams gotten from some of the cities in India. These teams play for the title.

The league was created by the cricket board in India. It was founded in the year 2007. It is held for a two to three months duration, lasting from match to may each year.

The league has the highest number of attendants in the world when it comes to cricket.

Among every sports league in the world, this league was placed at number six with the most attendance.

In the year 2010, the IPL had a live broadcast on YouTube making it the first sporting event to achieve that in the world.

The IPL was estimated in 2019 to be worth 475billionINR which is equivalent to 6.7billion US dollars.

It was also said that in 2015, the IPL was able to contribute a huge sum of 11.5billionINR to the GDP of the Indian economy.

This league has successfully held 13 seasons consistently each tournament.

The current champions of the league are the Mumbai Indians. They have crowned champions after they beat their opponent in the finals.

Among the 13 teams currently playing in this league since it was created, their biggest team has won the league five times, the runner-up has won thrive, while the second runner-up has a total of two league championships.

There are teams in the league that has won just once.

The present champions Mumbai Indians have the highest number of championships in the league.

The Chennai Super Kings are the runner-ups with a total of three titles. The next team after this team is the Kolkata Knight Riders, they have a total of two titles in the tournament. The other teams have one each while some haven’t won at all.

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