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List of books by Booth Tarkington

List of Books By Booth Tarkington with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Booth Tarkington. Find my selection in date order of Booth Tarkington books.

Booth Tarkington List of Books to Read

Growth Books

The Turmoil  (1915)           

The Magnificent Ambersons        (1918)           

The Midlander         (1923)           

Standalone Novels

The Gentleman From Indiana      (1899)           

Monsieur Beaucaire           (1900)           

Old Gray Eagle         (1901)           

The Two Vanrevels (1902)           

Cherry            (1903)           

The Flirt         (1913)           

Penrod           (1914)           

The Quest of Quesnay       (1916)           

The Rich Man’s War           (1917)           

Seventeen     (1917)           

Beasley’s Christmas Party (1919)           

The Beautiful Lady  (1919)           

Beauty and The Jacobin    (1919)           

The Conquest of Canaan   (1919)           

The Gibson Upright            (1919)           

The Guest of Quesnay       (1919)           

His Own People       (1919)           

Neither Dead Nor Sleeping           (1920)           

Alice Adams  (1921)           

Gentle Julia   (1922)           

Women         (1925)           

About Fred C. Kelly, Author of Kellygrams        (1926)           

The Plutocrat           (1927)           

Claire Ambler           (1928)           

Ramsey Milholland (1929)           

Young Mrs. Greeley            (1929)           

Mary’s Neck (1932)           

Wanton Mally          (1932)           

Presenting Lily Mars           (1933)           

Little Orvie    (1934)           

The Fighting Littles (1941)           

To The Girls and Boys of Indianapolis    (1942)           

George Ade, One of Our Own Kind         (1944)           

Lady Hamilton and Her Nelson    (1945)           

The Show Piece       (1947)           

Image of Josephine (1948)           

Mrs. Protheroe        (2004)           

Short Story Collections

Harlequin and Columbine (1918)           

The Works of Booth Tarkington  (1922)           

The Fascinating Stranger  (1923)           

Strack Selections     (1926)           

Mr. White, the Red Barn, Hell, and Bridewater          (1935)           

Stories           (1984)           

Standalone Plays

The Man from Home          (1906)           

The Trysting Place   (1923)           

Bimbo, the Pirate    (1926)           

How’s Your Health?            (1930)           

Mister Antonio        (1935)

Non-Fiction Books

In the Arena (1919)           

The Collector’s Whatnot   (1923)           

Just Princeton          (1924)           

The World Does Move       (1929)           

Some Old Portraits (1939)           

Booth Tarkington on Dogs            (1944)           

An Open Letter from Booth Tarkington (1945)           

Your Amiable Uncle            (1949)           

On Plays, Playwrights, and Playgoers     (1959)           

Looking Forward     (1969)                                   

List of books by Booth Tarkington

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Booth Tarkington.


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