Books On How Social Media Affects Mental Health

The world today runs around social media. Especially for the younger generation. Normally, social media is supposed to be for posting meaningful information and connecting with friends; But obviously it is being used for something else.

A lot of things happen on social media today that were not intended for. These things have even made it more popular than it is supposed to be. Nowadays people spend more time on social media than they do in real life. Also, people’s lives on social media are different from their real lives.

Furthermore, social media isn’t all that bad; People still use it for the purpose it was intended for; However, it is obvious that social media affects our mental health in a bad way.

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We are going to introduce a few books that will explain how synovial media affects your mental health. These books are highly recommended too.

List Of Books That Talk About How Social Media Affects Your Mental Health

Here is a list of highly recommended books that really explain social media and how it can affect mental health.

1. Anthea Peries’ How To Get Rid Of Social Media Addiction

Firstly, the book talks about how to know if you are addicted to social media. It says that if a person cannot go through different daily activities without going through social media, then they might be addicted. For instance, you can’t eat dinner without checking your phone; Also, if you can’t do your workout or watch television without checking social media, then you are hooked.

Most people are used to using their phones while they are doing something else. That is multi-tasking, but it turns to addiction when you do it all the time. Furthermore, what this book is trying to say in essence is that, if you can’t do something without scrolling through your socials, then, you should look into that.

The book teaches everything about the dangers of social media. It also talks about the ways that social media can affect your mental health. Lastly, the book did not leave out the good things about social media. It covers everything, including the good and bad parts of social media. Frequently asked questions are also included in this book.

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2. Olivia Henderson’s Operation Social Detox

Olivia Henderson talked about social media and cell phones in her book. She made it known that even though social media and cell phones have made good impacts, they have both become very addictive. Furthermore, Olivia Henderson is a relationship expert and social therapist, so she is an expert in matters concerning mental health.

In addition, the book is written for the purpose of breaking these bad habits. She also added that a person who is used to checking their social media first thing in the morning, is developing this bad habit. Also, if you are constantly refreshing to find anything new on your socials, you should definitely cut back; Lastly, if you feel weird because you are not with your phone, you should look for a hobby.

Finally, she talks about different things that can help you balance your life without always having to check your social media feed.

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3. Tanya Goodin’s My Brain Had Too Many Tabs Open


This is also another great book. There are a lot of information in this book that will save you from social media addiction. Tanya also did well to make her book relatable by using real life examples. She gave remedies to issues like, when your child brings his or her phone to the dining table during a meal. Also, what to do when your partner continuously scrolls through his or her phone during a conversation.

Also, Tanya used some common social media slang in her book, to help her relate to the readers. Because the book is relatable, the reader can easily spot their bad habits and see how they can change. Also, the book tells about how social media habits can affect people in real life. Finally, this book would be great for people who need reasons to quit social media and focus on real life.

4. Whitney Phillips’ You Are Here

Whitney Phillips said something amazing in her book. This is something that almost everyone is guilty of. She said that when a person is so caught up with social media, they can hardly define what’s real and what’s fake again.

We all know that the internet is one of the easiest ways to get information. What social media did was speed up the information delivery. Nowadays, information is spread very fast. Information also travels far. This is all possible because of social media.

Furthermore, the one problem with information spreading far and fast is that, fake and real news travels at the same pace. Not everything on social media is authentic. This is what messed up people’s mental health. People are pushed to do the wrong tho gs because of what they see on social media.

Lastly, the book also provides information on how to evaluate those internet stories that are arriving very fast. Also, the writer was able to look at people’s behavior online from a different angle.

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5. Ramani .S. Durvasula’s Don’t You Know Who I Am

Dr. Ramani’s talked about narcissism. Most people do not know what this word means. The dictionary meaning is excessive love for one’s self. This is something that people see every day, but, don’t recognize. Well, this book will help the reader understand what this word means. Also, it will help the reader recognize narcissism from afar.

We all know that social media is a huge part of our lives. Therefore, social media affects us mentally and physically. You cannot spend so much time on social media and expect it not to play a huge role in your life.

Obviously, whenever you open any social media app, there is always something interesting to see; Even though some of these things do not benefit you in any way. Especially, those things that influencers are being paid to advertise. This book is saying that those things should not be necessary to you.

6. Kristen Mattson’s Ethics In A Digital World

Kristen Mattson’s book wasn’t centered around how social media affects your daily life. However, it was mostly about that stage where technology meets humanity. It is more beneficial to youths and teachers.

This book talks about how social media lacks any sense of empathy and ethics. With phones and personal computers, people spread wrong information and it goes viral easily. One thing about information is that everyone has a different definition of everything they come across.

Furthermore, every social media platform is made with algorithms and coding, so it cannot tell what is fake and real. In this book, the author teaches the reader how to properly examine every piece of information they come across online.

7. Zoetanya Sujon’s The Social Media Age

This book talks about how social media has turned us into phone freaks. Most people start the day by pressing their phones. Those same people sleep with their phones in their hands. Social media has made a lot of Youths today, lazy. Even though most people use their phones to set alarms, they still turn on their Facebook as soon as they are awake. This has become a problem because people no waste their time on useless things.

Also, the book talks about how people surf social media without any goals for the day. From watching one or two videos online, people can get so sucked in that they spend hours online. This affects your mental health because all it does is make your mind lazy.

Furthermore, the book covers some advantages of social media and many disadvantages. People come online and fight with each other using their keyboards; This stuff could affect your daily activity if you do not stop it early. That is what this book will help you do. It helps you use social media the way you are supposed to.

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8. Cary Knox’s From Selfies To Selflessness

This is one special book. It takes the reader’s mind back. Makes the reader understand that there was a time when pictures had to be developed for people to see them. Nowadays, people take pictures with their phones and post them for instant gratification.

Selfies to selflessness explain to us how social media has made us impatient. Nobody wants to wait for anything anymore. Online activities has consumed their beliefs.

Also, this book tells us that people now suffer from low self-esteem because of social media. This is true because many people today just create a different personality to pose as themselves on social media.

Social media now controls our everyday lives and makes us see less important things as important. This book will save you from being so self-absorbed.


Clearly, every one of these books can help somebody somewhere. Each book talks about real life experiences. Not just that, but also, the books teach you how to deviate from these bad habits.

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