Body Moisturiser For The Face

What If The Moisturiser Is Multifunctional?

Using the same moisturiser on their body and face is common among those who want to make their skin care routine easier. Is it even possible?

Observe closely, practitioners who are on the clock! Applying body moisturiser on your face, on the other hand, is not a smart idea. Indeed, we are talking about two skins that are diametrically opposed to one another in every way.

Skin on the torso and skin on the face are fundamentally different in their appearance because fat is produced in response to a hormone called cortisol. Even though the skin on your face seems to be mixed or oily, the skin on your body does not exhibit these characteristics. A large majority of the time, it might range from normal (back and abdomen) to dry (arms, legs, heels, elbows and knees). Due to the fact that the sebaceous glands are concentrated on the face, especially in the T Zone, this is the case (forehead, nose and chin).

Therefore, when body moisturisers are developed, they take into account the fact that they will be applied to parts of the body where there is less fat in the skin. The composition includes chemicals that may cause pores to get blocked when applied to the skin, resulting in the formation of blackheads and pimple-like spots on the skin.

Additionally, since it has fewer sebaceous glands than the skin on the face and neck, the skin on the torso is more prone to dehydration than the skin on other areas. Consider the fact that when we shower, our skin is in contact with water for a much longer amount of time – even hot water, which the skin on the body can endure more than the skin on the face. In this case, it suggests that the skin barrier is being targeted with more aggression.

The fact that body moisturisers, on the whole, contain a higher concentration of smell than face moisturisers is another extremely important thing to keep in mind. Yet more reason to avoid getting your hands dirty with things! When inhaled, the perfume may produce discomfort – such as a headache – and in certain cases, it may even trigger irritation or allergies in some individuals.

In addition, it is not advised to do so. Because face moisturiser recipes include lighter substances, it is possible that they will not be adequate to meet the body’s moisture needs.

It is hard to draw broad generalisations about skin care when it comes to the subject. This is particularly true when it comes to skin types that are as dissimilar as those found on the body and face.

In fact, if you use all-in-one moisturisers correctly, they may not even cause problems, such as plugging your skin pores. However, since they are unable to meet the specific needs of such a diverse variety of skin regions, they may sometimes fail to provide sufficient results in certain circumstances.

Even if you use different products for your face and body, you may still keep a small, very practical skin care routine!

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Fun Fact

Are face and body moisturizer the same?

A face cream has more active ingredients and is specialised to cater to specific needs such as brightening or hydrating. However, body lotions mainly cater to concerns regarding firming or deeply moisturising your body.

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