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List of books by Bob Moats

List of Books By Bob Moats with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Bob Moats. Find my selection in date order of Bob Moats books.

Bob Moats List of Books to Read

Jim Richards Books

Classmate Murders            (2009)           

Vegas Showgirl Murders   (2009)           

Dominatrix Murders          (2009)           

Mistress Murders   (2009)           

Bridezilla Murders  (2009)           

Magic Murders        (2009)           

Strip Club Murders (2009)           

Made-For-TV Murders      (2009)           

Mystery Cruise Murders   (2010)           

Talk Show Murders (2010)           

Sin City Murders     (2010)           

Black Widow Murders       (2010)           

Vegas Vigilante Murders   (2010)           

Area 51 Murders     (2010)           

Mortuary Murders (2011)           

Hypnotic Murders  (2011)           

Sunshine State Murders   (2011)           

Blue Suede Murders          (2011)           

Honky Tonk Murders         (2011)           

Dark Carnival Murders       (2011)           

Lipstick Murders     (2012)           

Pasta Murders         (2012)           

Talent Show Murders        (2012)           

Shyster Murders     (2012)           

Campground Murders       (2012)           

Network Murders   (2013)           

Reunion Murders    (2013)           

Big Apple Murders  (2013)           

Kennel Murders      (2013)           

Trick or Treat Murders      (2013)           

Santa Murders        (2013)           

Marriage Can Be Murder  (2013)           

Wiseguy Murders   (2014)

Jim Richards Books

Marriage Can Be Murder is a prequel novella to the Jim Richards Murder Mysteries series.

Fatal Books

Fatal Rejection        (2011)           

Fatal Departure       (2011)           

Fatal Romance        (2012)           

Fatal Outbreak        (2012)           

Fatal Abductions     (2013)

Short Stories


Crystal Prison of Kyr           (2011)

List of books by Bob Moats

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Bob Moats.

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