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List of books by Blake Pierce

List of Books By Blake Pierce with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Blake Pierce. Find my selection in date order of Blake Pierce.

Blake Pierce List of Books to Read

Riley Paige Books

Once Gone   (2015)           

Once Taken  (2016)           

Once Craved (2016)           

Once Lured   (2016)           

Once Hunted            (2016)           

Once Pined   (2016)           

Once Forsaken         (2017)           

Once Cold     (2017)           

Once Stalked            (2017)           

Once Lost      (2017)           

Once Buried (2017)           

Once Bound (2018)           

Once Trapped          (2018)           

Once Dormant         (2018)           

Once Shunned         (2019)           

Once Missed            (2019)           

Once Chosen            (2020)

Making of Riley Paige Books

Watching      (2018)           

Waiting         (2018)           

Luring (2019)           

Taking            (2019)           

Stalking         (2020)           

Killing (2020)           

Mackenzie White Books

Before He Kills         (2016)           

Before He Sees        (2016)           

Before He Covets    (2016)           

Before He Takes      (2017)           

Before He Needs     (2017)           

Before He Feels       (2017)           

Before He Sins         (2017)           

Before He Hunts      (2017)           

Before He Preys       (2018)           

Before He Longs      (2018)           

Before He Lapses    (2019)           

Before He Envies     (2019)           

Before He Stalks      (2019)           

Before He Harms     (2020)           

Avery Black Books

Cause to Kill  (2016)           

Cause to Run            (2016)           

Cause to Hide           (2017)           

Cause to Fear           (2017)           

Cause to Save          (2017)           

Cause to Dread        (2018)

Keri Locke Books


A Trace of Death     (2016)           

A Trace of Murder  (2017)           

A Trace of Vice         (2017)           

A Trace of Crime      (2017)           

A Trace of Hope       (2018)           

Jessie Hunt Books

The Perfect Wife     (2018)           

The Perfect Block    (2018)           

The Perfect House  (2019)           

The Perfect Smile    (2019)           

The Perfect Lie         (2020)

Kate Wise Mystery Books

If She Knew  (2018)           

If She Saw     (2018)           

If She Ran     (2018)           

If She Hid      (2018)           

If She Fled     (2019)           

If She Feared            (2019)           

If She Heard (2020)

Chloe Fine Mystery Books

Next Door     (2018)           

A Neighbor’s Lie      (2018)           

Cull de Sac    (2019)           

Silent Neighbor       (2019)           

Homecoming           (2019)           

Tinted Windows      (2020)

List of books by Blake Pierce

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Blake Pierce.

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