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List of books by Bill Wenham

List of Books By Bill Wenham with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Bill Wenham. Find my selection in date order of Bill Wenham books.

Bill Wenham List of Books to Read

The Inspector Bruce Mysteries

In the ‘Nick’ of Time!          (2017)           

The Pension Plan     (2017)           

The Fall of Romanski’s Empire     (2017)           

A Thoroughly Modern Murder    (2017)           

The Play’s the Thing           (2017)           

The Crime of the Month Club      (2017)           

An Elimination of Paparazzi          (2017)           

Next of Kin    (2017)           

The Body in the Bucket     (2017)           

Random Acts of Murder   (2017)

Fantasy Books

Looker           (2014)           

Short Flights of Fantasy    (2017)           

The Inspector Meacham Mysteries

The Claw Hammer Murders         (2017)           

Once Upon a Crime            (2017)           

Lethally Married      (2017)           

Perfect Little Murders       (2017)           

The Weeping Widow         (2017)

Story Collections

Four of a Kind          (2017)           

Inspector Brompton Books

Too Many Suspects            (2017)


Nine Lives     (2017)           

Nine Lives Book 2    (2016)           

Nine Lives Book 3    (2017)           

The Inspector Charrington Mysteries

Go Ahead. It’s Your Funeral!        (2017)           

Some Disposal Required   (2017)           

The Sunset Murders           (2017)           

Nowhere Places      (2017)           

The Axeman Cometh          (2017)           

Find the Lady!          (2017)           

The Who and Why Murders         (2017)           

Scared to Death      (2017)           

What Lies Beneath (2017)           

The Cemetery Man (2017)           

Children’s Books

Michael and the Magical Flying Scooter           (2012)           

The Magic Clock      (2012)           

Magical Meaghan   (2017)           


The Wizard and ‘Peggy’ Books

Ryan’s Marvelously Magical Mix-Up Machine (2017)           

Inspector Compton Books

Too Many Suspects            (2017)           

Standalone Novels

Miracle Man (2017)           

E.S.P. Ionage            (2017)           

The Deadly Game    (2017)           

Lost Lovers   (2017)           

Retribution   (2017)           

Highway Homicide  (2017)           

Triple ‘S’        (2017)           

An Accidental Execution   (2017)           

T.R.A.P.S.      (2017)           

Easy Green   (2017)           

Deadly Deceptions  (2017)           

The Butler     (2017)           

Promises       (2017)

List of books by Bill Wenham

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Bill Wenham.

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