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List of books by Bill James

List of Books By Bill James with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Bill James. Find my selection in date order of Bill James.

Bill James List of Books to Read

Roy Rickman Books

The Alias Man          (1968)           

The Message Ends  (1969)           

Contact Lost (1970)

Bellecroix and Roath Books

A Walk at Night       (1971)

Harpur & Iles Books

You’d Better Believe It       (1985)           

The Lolita Man        (1986)           

Halo Parade  (1987)           

Protection    (1988)           

Come Clean  (1989)           

Take   (1990)           

Club    (1991)           

Astride A Grave       (1991)           

Gospel           (1992)           

Roses, Roses            (1993)           

In Good Hands         (1994)           

The Detective is Dead        (1995)           

Top Banana  (1996)           

Panicking Ralph       (1997)           

Lovely Mover           (1998)           

Eton Crop      (1999)           

Kill Me           (2000)           

Pay Days        (2001)           

Naked at the Window        (2002)           

The Girl with the Long Back         (2003)           

Easy Streets  (2004)           

Wolves of Memory (2005)           

The Sixth Man and Other Stories            (2006)           

Girls    (2006)           

Pix       (2007)           

In the Absence of Lies        (2008)           

Hotbed          (2009)           

I Am Gold      (2010)           

Vacuum         (2011)           

Undercover  (2012)           

Play Dead      (2013)           

Disclosures   (2014)           

Blaze Away   (2015)           

First Fix Your Alibi   (2015)           

Close  (2017)           

Brade and Jenkins Books

Forget It        (1995)           

The Tattooed Detective     (1998)           

Torch (1999)           

Bay City         (2000)           

Kerry Lake Books

Baby Talk      (1998)           

After Melissa            (1999)           

Simon Abelard Books

Split    (2001)           

A Man’s Enemies     (2003)

DC Sally Bithron Books

Heart Me Talking to You   (2004)           

Tip Top          (2005)           

Standalone Novels

Up from the Grave (1971)           

Double Take (1972)           

Knifeman      (1973)           

Whose Little Girl Are You?           (1974)           

A Dead Liberty         (1975)           

The Albion Case       (1975)           

Faith, Hope and Death      (1976)           

Middleman   (2002)           

Between Lives          (2003)           

Double Jeopardy     (2005)           

Making Stuff Up      (2006)           

Letters From Carthage      (2006)           

Off-street Parking   (2008)           

Full of Money           (2009)           

World War Two WIll Not Take Place      (2011)           

Noose            (2013)           

Snatched       (2014)           

The Principals          (2016)           

Non-Fiction Books

The Novels of Anthony Powell     (1976)

List of books by Bill James

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Bill James.

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