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Location of Bigge Island

The heaven down under has many beautiful islands floating in the endless sea. There are n numbers of picturesque islands located around the mainland. These islands are quite popular among the tourists as they offer a wide array of things to do and many exotic locations to visit. Bigge Island is the one of the most preferred island by the tourists and also by the local travelers. This is also Bonaparte Archipelago’s second largest island coming only after the Augustus Island. The irregularly shaped island is spread across area of 69 sq mi (178 square kilometres). The length of the island is 22 km (14 mi) and the width is 6 km (4 mi).

The heavily indented coastline of this island is surrounded by numerous shallow reef-strewn bays on all the 4 sides. The largest bay is the Boomerang Bay. This bay is present on the western coast of the Bigge Island.

The Bigge Island is located 6 km (4 mi) away from the Mainland. It is separated from the mainland by the Scott Strait. The exact location is between Montague Sound and York Sound, about 12 mi north of the Cape Pond.

History of Bigge Island

Going by the history of the Bigge Islands, the traditional owners of this island are the Uunguu peoples of Wunambal language group. The history of the island is evident from the walls of the caves and cliffs located around the Wary Bay. These cave walls and cliffs contain the rock art of the Indigenous Australia. This rock art is the marvelous creation by the Wunambal people. This island was named in the year 1820 by Captain Phillip Parker King.

Things To Do

Aboriginal rock art is the most famous thing at the Bigge Island and is the major crowd puller. There are many sites that showcase the skilled art of the people who resided at the island years ago. Gwion Gwion (also called as Bradshaw art) art and Wandjina art are the examples of the marvelous rock paintings. There are many paintings engraved on the walls of the caves that are a must see. There are many art galleries that also showcase the Indigenous art.

You can also take a cruise to treat your eyes with the picturesque looks spread all around. The beach, here, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Bigge Island is also a heaven for the animal lovers. The wildlife of this island is feral predator free.  At the Bigge Island you can also see the Monjon rock wallaby, the smallest of the kangaroo group.

The Bigge Island takes you into the past via the beautiful rock art. The place is not very crowded and is quite tranquil. This island is a perfect option for those who are looking for solitude and also for those who have an inclination towards the Indigenous Australia. The nature lovers are absolutely going to love this place. So, if you are in Australia, do visit Bigge Island as this island is definitely a must visit.

Ever visited the irregular shaped exotic Bigge Island and got a chance to enjoy the Aboriginal Rock art here? Stunned by the engraved paintings in the caves? Let us know what the best there is here  or alternatively in the comment below.

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