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List of books by Beverly Barton

List of Books By Beverly Barton with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Beverly Barton. Find my selection in date order of Beverly Barton.

Beverly Barton List of Books to Read

The Protectors Books

This Side of Heaven            (1992)           

Paladin’s Woman    (1993)           

The Outcast  (1995)           

Defending His Own (1995)           

Guarding Jeannie    (1996)           

Blackwood’s Woman         (1996)           

Roarke’s Wife          (1997)           

A Man Like Morgan Kane  (1997)           

Gabriel Hawk’s Lady           (1998)           

Keeping Annie Safe (1999)           

Murdock’s Last Stand        (2000)           

Egan Cassidy’s Kid   (2000)           

Navajo’s Woman    (2001)           

Whitelaw’s Wedding          (2001)           

Sweet Caroline’s Keeper    (2001)           

Jack’s Christmas Mission   (2001)           

The Princess’s Bodyguard (2002)           

On Her Guard          (2002)           

Grace Under Fire    (2003)           

Downright Dangerous       (2004)           

Keeping Baby Secret          (2004)           

Laying His Claim      (2004)           

Worth Dying For     (2004)           

Ramirez’s Woman  (2005)           

Penny Sue Got Lucky         (2006)           

Dangerous Deception        (2006)           

His Only Obsession (2007)           

A Time To Die           (2007)           

Dying For You          (2008)

3 Babies for 3 Brothers Books

His Secret Child       (1999)           

His Woman, His Child         (1999)           

Having His Baby       (1999)

Griffin Powell Books

After Dark     (2000)           

Killing Her Softly      (2005)           

Close Enough to Kill            (2006)           

The Dying Game      (2007)           

The Murder Game  (2008)           

Cold Hearted            (2008)           

Silent Killer   (2009)           

Dead By Midnight   (2010)           

Dead By Morning    (2011)           

Dead By Nightfall    (2011)

Cherokee Pointe Books

The Fifth Victim       (2003)           

The Last to Die         (2004)           

As Good As Dead    (2004)

Standalone Novels

Yankee Lover            (1990)           

Lucky in Love            (1991)           

Out of Danger          (1991)           

Sugar Hill       (1992)           

Talk of the Town     (1992)           

The Wanderer         (1993)           

Cameron       (1993)           

The Mother of My Child    (1994)           

Lover and Deceiver (1994)           

Nothing But Trouble          (1994)           

The Tender Trap      (1997)           

A Child of Her Own (1997)           

Nine Months            (1998)           

Emily and the Stranger      (1998)           

Lone Wolf’s Lady     (1998)           

In the Arms of a Hero         (2000)           

Her Secret Weapon            (2000)           

Every Move She Makes     (2001)           

What She Doesn’t Know   (2002)           

The Rebel’s Return (2002)           

Faith, Hope and Love         (2002)           

Check Mate  (2004)           

Sanctuary     (2007)           

Most Likely to Die   (2007)           

Silent Killer   (2009)           

Don’t Cry       (2010)           

If Looks Could Kill    (2011)           

Don’t Say A Word   (2012)           

The Right Wife         (2014)           

I’ll Be Watching You           (2014)           

Just the Way You Are         (2015)

List of books by Beverly Barton

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Beverly Barton.

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