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List of books by Betsy Allen

List of Books By Betsy Allen with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Betsy Allen. Find my selection in date order of Betsy Allen books.

Betsy Allen List of Books to Read

Connie Blair Books

The Clue in Blue       (1948)           

The Puzzle in Purple           (1948)           

The Secret at Black Cat Gulch      (1948)           

The Green Island Mystery (1949)           

The Yellow Warning           (1951)           

Peril in Pink   (1955)           

The Silver Secret     (1956)           

The Mystery of Ruby Queen        (1958)

Standalone Novels

Lasso Your Heart     (1936)           

Two’s Company       (1941)           

Love, Laurie  (1943)           

Puppy Stakes           (1943)           

Going on Sixteen     (1944)           

The Black Spaniel Mystery            (1945)           

A Date for Diane      (1946)           

Secret Passage        (1946)           

Spring Comes Riding          (2016)           

Spurs for Suzanna   (1947)           

Take a Call, Topsy!  (1947)           

A Girl Can Dream    (1948)           

Girls Can Dream, Too!       (1948)           

Paintbox Summer   (1949)           

She’s My Girl            (1949)           

Catchpenny Street  (1951)           

6 on Easy Street      (1954)           

Accent on April        (1954)           

On Easy Street         (1954)           

Diane’s New Love    (1955)           

Passport to Romance        (1955)           

The Boy Next Door (1956)           

Angel on Skis            (1957)           

Toujours Diane        (1957)           

Stars in Her Eyes     (1958)           

The Scarlet Sail        (1959)           

Fancy Free    (1961)           

A Touch of Magic    (1961)           

Jenny Kimura           (1962)           

A Time for Tenderness       (1962)           

Almost Like Sisters  (1963)           

Mystery at Love’s Creek    (1965)           

A Breath of Fresh Air          (1966)           

The Country Cousin            (1968)           

Mystery in Marrakech       (1968)           

Spice Island Mystery          (1969)           

Mystery on Safari   (1970)           

The Ghost of Ballyhooly    (1971)           

Mystery in the Museum    (1972)           

Petey  (1973)           

Joy Ride         (1974)           

The Invention That Wouldn’t Fly (1975)           

Ruffles and Drums  (1975)           

Mystery of the Emerald Buddha (1976)           

You Can’t Take Twenty Dogs on a Date (1977)           

Ballet Fever  (1978)           

Runaway Voyage    (1978)           

The Surfer and the City Girl          (1981)           

Stamp Twice for Murder   (1981)           

Storm in Her Heart (1983)           

Wanted: A Girl for the Horses     (1984)           

Romance on Trial    (1984)           

Banner Year (1987)           


Non-Fiction Books

The Diane Stories    (1964)

Around the World Today Non-Fiction Books

Arne of Norway       (1960)           

Lucho of Peru          (1961)           

Pepe of Argentina   (1962)           

Chico of Guatemala            (1963)           

Lo Chau of Hong Kong       (1963)           

Paulo of Brazil          (1963)           

Carlos of Mexico     (1964)           

Noko of Japan          (1964)           

Doug of Australia    (1965)           

Tavi of the South Seas       (1965)           

Ali of Egypt   (1966)           

Demetrois of Greece          (1966)

Non-Fiction Books

The First Book of Sea Shells          (1955)           

The First Book of Wild Flowers    (1961)           

The First Book of Wool      (1966)           

The First Book of Fiji          (1968)           

The First Book of Morocco           (1972)

List of books by Betsy Allen

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Betsy Allen.

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