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List of books by Beth Kery

List of Books By Beth Kery with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Beth Kery. Find my selection in date order of Beth Kery books.

Beth Kery List of Books to Read

 Subtle Lovers Books

Subtle Magic            (2008)           

Subtle Touch            (2009)           

Subtle Release         (2009)           

Subtle Destiny         (2009)           

Subtle Voyage          (2009)

Adventures Of The St. Claire Servants Short Stories

Take a Stranger No More  (2008)

Torrid Tarot Books

Fire Angel      (2009)           


Princes Of The Underground Books

Velvet Cataclysm     (2010)           

Silken Rapture         (2011)

Home To Harbor Town Books

The Hometown Hero Returns      (2011)           

Liam’s Perfect Woman      (2011)           

Claiming Colleen      (2012)           

One in a Billion        (2012)           

The Soldier’s Baby Bargain           (2012)

One Night Of Passion Books

Addicted to You      (2011)           

Exposed to You        (2012)           

Captured by You     (2012)           

Bound to You           (2012)           

Only for You (2014)           

Ian & Francesca/Lucien & Elise Books

Because We Belong           (2013)           

Because You Are Mine       (2013)           

When We Touch     (2013)           

When You Defy Me            (2013)           

When You Tease Me          (2013)           

When I’m Bad          (2013)           

When You Submit   (2013)           

When You Trust Me           (2013)           

When I Need You    (2013)           

When We Are One (2013)

Glimmer and Glow Books

Glimmer        (2015)           

Glow  (2015)           


Make Me Books

Make Me Forget     (2016)           

Make Me Tremble  (2016)           

Make Me Say It       (2016)           

Make Me Desperate          (2016)           

Make Me Risk It      (2016)           

Make Me Feel          (2016)           

Make Me Remember         (2016)           

Make Me Forever   (2016)           

Standalone Novels

Tricked Truths          (2007)           

Wicked Burn            (2008)           

Gateway to Heaven            (2008)           

Daring Time  (2009)           

Flirting in Traffic      (2009)           

Sweet Restraint       (2009)           

Paradise Rules         (2009)           

Come to Me Freely (2009)           

Exorcising Sean’s Ghost    (2009)           

Fleet Blade   (2009)           

Through Her Eyes    (2009)           

Release          (2009)           

Explosive       (2010)           

The Affair      (2015)           

Looking Inside          (2016)           

Behind the Curtain (2017)

Short Stories

Groom’s Gift            (2009)           

Holiday Bound         (2009)           

On the Job    (2014)           

Short Story Collections

Naughty Nuptials    (2009)           

Thee to Tango          (2011)

List of books by  Beth Kery

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Beth Kery.

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