Best Ways to Get Paid to Surf the Web in 2022

Getting Paid For Surfing The Web? Is it Possible?

Can You Get Paid To Surf The Web? Since the information revolution and globalization, the tech world has propelled us into a new era. There are jobs around the internet we’ve never heard of, and some of them sound too good to be true. One such job is web surfing. Even though it doesn’t ring a bell in traditional employment sectors, the job is popular among regular internet users.

Web surfing has immense marketing benefits for business corporations and public consumerism. It’s based heavily on hyperlink texts and the World Wide Web (www) that allows you to skim through different web pages effortlessly. Numerous people on the web surf websites to pass the time when they’re bored. Now imagine you get paid to do exactly what you already do!

There are a handful of sites and companies that hire people to surf the web, both in part-time and full-time positions. However, the field is also full of tropes prepared to dupe the users. So, we compiled this thorough guide on how you can get paid to surf the web.

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1. How Does Web Surfing Work?

Web surfing is a diverse job. It involves reviewing products and web pages, watching videos, and filling out customised online surveys, among other things. Businesses use web surfing as a marketing strategy to strengthen their online presence. These companies use a specific model called ‘Pay to Surf’ or PTS. PTS plays a crucial role in advertising.

Before applying for a job as a web surfer, you will need to provide some information about your credentials. Some companies may only ask for a few skills, while others require adept research skills and an understanding of web programs. Whatever your skill set, you will find a web surfing job out there for you!

2. Sites That Will Pay You To Web Surf

You should be cautious about where you apply for a web surf job. While there are a lot of legitimate web surfing jobs out there, scams still exist. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to get a web surfing job.

  • Nielson Digital Voice and Surf the Web

Nielson Digital Voice works through an app. After filling out an inquiry form, you must download an app where you’ll get to play online games and surf the web. Payment happens through monthly sweepstakes, which can amount to up to $10,000.

  • Leapforce and Web Surfing

Leapforce centres on research and evaluation surfing. After completing an exam, they will pay you to research and review companies. You may also have to give them feedback on their customer service.

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  • Neobux Videos and Advertisements

Neobux is another PTS site that pays you for viewing advertisements, watching videos, and submitting research statistics that a company can use for improvements and market analysis. 

  • Inbox Dollars Web Surfing

Inbox Dollars offers lucrative prices for web surfing services and is community-friendly. Through this company, people can earn more than $100 per month.

  • Prize Rebel Paid Surveys

Prize Rebel mainly provides paid surveys but is immensely diverse in the web surf search niche. They have multiple payment methods like gift cards for amazing shopping sites like Amazon, Walmart, and even iTunes. For cash points, they carry out the payment via PayPal.


Can you get paid to surf the web? Online web surfing is a valuable source of income. It requires some research but it’s a great way to earn some extra cash! It’s tricky to distinguish genuine jobs from scams, so we recommend sticking to our list! Once you land a job, the path to earn is simple and easy.

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Can You Get Paid To Surf The Web?


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Fun Fact

How can I earn money by searching on Google?

AdSense allows you to earn revenue by displaying contextually-relevant ads in your search results. When you place an ad in the search results, you earn a portion of the revenue when someone clicks on it.

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