Best Ways to Decorate Your Room in 2023

Decorating your room with a fresh, contemporary approach has evolved in 2023 to become more than just an aesthetic endeavor. It’s about creating an environment that tells your story, reflects your taste, and provides comfort while maximizing functionality. Here’s a comprehensive guide to incorporating display shelving, an open wardrobe, wrought iron, a rattan TV unit, and selecting the best online furniture from Australia.

Firstly, let’s start with display shelving. These have become an increasingly popular choice as they allow you to exhibit your personality, style, and memories without taking up valuable floor space. Consider installing floating shelves or an open shelving unit against an accent wall for a statement look. Utilise it to display your book collection, travel souvenirs, or even your beloved plant family. With strategic positioning and appropriate lighting, you can make the objects on your shelves the room’s highlight. Moreover, use varying sizes of decor items to create depth and appeal to the eyes.

Next comes the open wardrobe. This trend has gained traction in 2023 because it solves the problem of space limitation, especially in smaller rooms. It provides an easily accessible storage solution and acts as a unique feature piece. However, an open wardrobe requires you to be organized and mindful of your clothing display. Choose matching hangers and arrange your clothes in a colour-coordinated fashion. You could also use beautiful storage boxes or baskets for a neat appearance. Incorporating a full-length mirror can add depth to the room while enhancing functionality.

The use of wrought iron in room decor provides an industrial yet timeless touch. Incorporating wrought iron in your bedroom could range from using it in the form of a headboard, a side table, or even a simple artwork on the wall. A wrought iron bed frame, for instance, is sturdy, stylish, and goes well with various decor themes – from rustic and vintage to modern and minimalist. This material is versatile and easy to maintain, making it a practical choice.

The Rattan TV unit has seen a significant resurgence in 2023 due to its lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly properties. Rattan, being a natural material, adds an earthy and tropical touch to your room. The distinctive woven pattern offers texture and visual interest. Ensure your TV unit is well proportioned to the size of your television and the room. You can pair this with a few indoor plants or boho-inspired decor pieces for a cozy, nature-inspired vibe.

Last but not least, online furniture shopping from Australia offers a broad range of quality, stylish, and unique pieces. The convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home, combined with the opportunity to access customer reviews and detailed product descriptions, enhances the shopping experience. Always remember to measure your space before purchasing, as proportions can be deceiving in pictures.

To create a harmonious decor, you might want to stick to a particular colour scheme or style. Opt for a blend of textures and materials to add depth and interest to your room. Use ample lighting, which is essential to highlight each element of the room. Layered lighting – combining ambient, task, and accent lighting, can significantly improve the room’s aesthetics and functionality. Additionally, scented candles or essential oil diffusers can provide a subtle aroma that adds to the overall ambience.


In conclusion, decorating your room in 2023 is a journey that fuses style, functionality, and personality. With elements like display shelving, an open wardrobe, wrought iron, a rattan TV unit, and utilizing online furniture platforms in Australia, you have endless possibilities. These contemporary yet timeless pieces make your room not just a place to rest but a place that resonates with your unique story.

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