Best Tips for Better Laundry

Great Tips for Better Laundry

As adults, you probably think you already know everything that there is when it comes to laundry. However, you will be surprised by how many things you’re doing wrong. Furthermore, you will be ecstatic to know some of the tips to make your weekly laundry easier and more efficient.

1. Zip and Button Them Up

Most people are not aware that when you’re putting your clothes in the washer, you should always zip up your clothes’ zippers. This protects the zipper teeth from getting damaged. Moreover, it also protects your other clothes from getting snagged onto the zippers during the cycle.

Furthermore, buttons on blouses, shirts, or pants should be buttoned close. Doing otherwise will make the buttons prone to getting torn from the clothes.

2. Use Ice Cubes In The Dryer

Are you always bothered by the wrinkles on your clothes after coming out of the dryer but have no time to iron them later? Place a couple of ice cubes in the dryer and you will be surprised. The steam from the evaporating ice cube helps straighten out the wrinkles on your clothes.

3. Keep The Washing Machine Door Open After Use.

Your machine may still be a bit damp after finishing a load. Thus, you should keep the door open to let any moisture evaporate. If these get trapped in the machine, you will end up with a bad smell in your machine (and clothes) in your next laundry session.

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4. Use The Quick Wash Setting.

You don’t always need to wash your clothes for a long time if they are not heavily soiled. Use the quick wash setting if you have it. This will keep your clothes intact and less beat-up.

When doing laundry, make sure to always check your clothes for machine wash instructions. Some clothes are only suited for hand wash. Thus, putting them in the washer would destroy the fit or form of the fabric.

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