Best Stoic Quotes On Kindness

Stoic Quotes On Kindness

Here are my favorite Stoic quotes on kindness. Be kind to yourself and others, it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give. Here are some words from the great stoics on kindness.

Best Quotes on Kindness from Stoicism

As a practicing Stoic, I have used many quotes on Kindness to help me, inspire me, or keep me sane. I hope you find some gain and drive in some of Stoicism’s finest quotes on Kindness. Developing peace of mind through confidence in one’s abilities is what Stoicism is all about and knowing that this is ancient wisdom, along with applications by modern great, you know the Stoic beliefs stand up.

Stoic Quotes on Kindness

“Kindness is unconquerable, so long as it is without flattery or hypocrisy. For what can the most insolent man do to you, if you contrive to be kind to him, and if you have the chance gently advise and calmly show him what is right…and point this out tactfully and from a universal perspective. But you must not do this with sarcasm or reproach, but lovingly and without anger in your soul.”

– Marcus Aurelius

“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.”


“As an antidote to battle unkindness, we were given kindness.”

– Marcus Aurelius

“Accept death in a cheerful spirit, as nothing but the dissolution of the elements from which each living thing is composed. If it doesn’t hurt the individual elements to change continually into one another, why are people afraid of all of them changing and separating? It’s a natural thing. And nothing natural is evil.”

– Marcus Aurelius

“The most surprising thing you can do to an unkind person is to respond with kindness. They will have no idea how to respond themselves because they have only known unkindness from those around them.”

– Marcus Aurelius

“The only thing that isn’t worthless: to live this life out truthfully and rightly. And be patient with those who don’t.”

– Marcus Aurelius

Stoic Quotes on Kindness the Best Quotes From the Stoics

I hope these Kindness quotes helped you. Please comment below and share the best Stoic quotes that have benefited you when needing Stoicism’s best quotes on Kindness.

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