Best Stoic Quotes About Love

Stoic Quotes About Love

Here is some best stoic quotes about Love:

Best Quotes on Love from Stoicism

As a practicing Stoic, I have used many quotes on Love to help me, inspire me, or keep me sane. I hope you find some gain and drive in some of Stoicism’s finest quotes on Love. Developing peace of mind through confidence in one’s abilities is what Stoicism is all about and knowing that this is ancient Love, along with applications by modern great, you know the Stoic beliefs stand up.

Stoic Quotes on Love

“Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving. When we can be alone, we can be with others without using them as a means of escape. “

Bell Hooks

“Life is short. Kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly”

Paulo Coelho

“To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, to love someone who loves you is everything.”

Bill Russell

“Love is a serious mental disease.”


“Love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, the amazement of the Gods.”


“And so, when a person meets the half that is his very own, whatever his orientation, whether it’s to young men or not, then something wonderful happens: the two are struck from their senses by love, by a sense of belonging to one another, and by desire, and they don’t want to be separated from one another, not even for a moment.”


“To love someone is to identify with them.”


“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”


Stoic Quotes on Love the Best Quotes From the Stoics

I hope these Love quotes helped you. Please comment below and share the best Stoic quotes that have benefited you when needing Stoicism’s best quotes on Love.

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