Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

The Best Socks to Wear for Sweaty Feet


Socks came to life to provide comfort, and that’s the entire point of creating them. They absorbed sweats brought by working out or doing your daily activities. Therefore, giving you the utmost convenience.

Why Are Socks Important?

The socks prevent the moist to linger and penetrate to your shoes. When your sweats tend to stick around, it gives off disgusting odor and discomfort. And so, socks offer you the protection that you need from athlete’s foot, and alike.

Nevertheless, not all the socks available online or at the store have the same features. There are those types that couldn’t do the job well. Even if you don’t have sweaty feet, but due to lack of quality, you might suffer from smelly feet.

So, how much more for people who sweat a lot? It would be a disaster. For some of you who have this problem, you’ve perhaps tried a few remedies. Probably, you have your fair share of using absorbents, deodorants, or powders on your feet.

You have explored many other options to avoid the stinky smell and discomfort that comes after. However, the problem continues.

Why Do Your Feet Continue to Sweat and Smell?

Although you think that you’ve tried everything, you missed out one thing. It’s as simple as checking out the materials used on socks. That’s the common issue of people who are suffering similar predicaments.

Some fabrics don’t work well with other’s skin while a few do. Hence, instead of keeping your feet fresh all day, it acts otherwise. The truth is a few socks can’t wick moistness away. With that, they will rather entrap the moist and create a smelly odor.

At this point, perhaps, your question will be, “what are the best socks for sweaty feet?”

Top 10 Best Socks for Sweaty Feet and Prevent Stinky Smell

There are plenty of socks that work best with sweaty feet. They provide you the ultimate comfort. Thus, preventing bad odor and athlete’s foot, among others.

Without further delay, here’s a list of the top ten (10) best socks for sweaty feet.

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1. 2.0 Crew Socks, Charged Cotton by Under Armour

One of the best-sellers in this category is the “2.0 Crew Socks, Charged Cotton” by Under Armour. It provides a dynamic arch feature that helps in reducing foot fatigue. With its strategic cushion design, it lessens the feeling of bulkiness. Therefore, it delivers lightness and flexibility.

Most of all, it comes with a quality fabric material that wicks sweat away and offers fast-drying capabilities. Under Armour equipped these socks with the anti-odor technology functionality. Hence, it will leave you feeling fresh. You’ll be provided with the utmost comfort as you tend to your daily tasks or exercises.

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Wicks Moist Away
  • Prevents Odor
  • Flexible

You can have it in all black, red, white, gray, or assorted. Overall, it’s quick-dry and soft to touch and feel.

Buy Now : 2.0 Crew Socks, Charged Cotton by Under Armour

2. No-Show Running Socks, Hidden Comfort by Balega

A best-seller, and definitely, it’s a no-show running socks with its premium hidden comfort design. It comes with unparalleled high-quality, giving you the right fit, feel, and performance. These socks are perfect for both women and men.

Standing by to their commitment, Balega ensures complete durability and grade to its every detail. It fits your feet extremely as it snugs well and doesn’t move as you move. You’ll have more protection and comfort on your heel with its additional knitted stitches and moisture-wicking characteristic.

  • Optimal Stretch
  • Ultimate Seam-Free Comfort
  • Plush Cushioning
  • Impact Resistance
  • Keeps your Feet Cool, Smelling Good, and Dry

Due to its strategically-placed ventilation panels, it keeps your sweaty feet cool and dry. Thus, your feet won’t stink. Above all, it’s colorful and comes in different combo colors. Therefore, it provides you more than just comfort and ease.

Buy Now : No-Show Running Socks, Hidden Comfort by Balega

3. Work Crew S1221 Sock by Wigwam

For people who love socks that extend through almost at the calf area, Wigwam’s “Work Crew S1221” is the right fit for you. It’s an outright performance work sock to those always on-the-go people. The sole comes with a long-lasting comfortable cushion, protecting it to hurt.

  • Long Hours of Comfort
  • Long-Wearing Durability
  • Long-Lasting Sole Cushion Protection
  • Improved Breathability Feature
  • Eliminate Odor

With its anti-bacterial and enhanced breathability design, moisture doesn’t stick around. And so, odor won’t exist. This sock is perfect for people who always need to wear one while at work. It offers long-wearing durability and utmost cushioned comfort. Thus, your feet will not hurt, and you will not feel exhausted.

Buy Now : Work Crew S1221 Sock by Wigwam

4. Adult Resistor 3.0 by Under Armour

Another sock that’s more than a no-show is the “Adult Resistor 3.0” by Under Armour. Like the standard of any UA’s products, it has a dynamic arc support feature. That means it helps you from getting foot fatigue. Due to its flawless cushion construction, it gives you more comfort than ever.

It also has an authentic, seamless design to reduce possible irritation of your toes. The technology that comes with its signature moisture management wicks sweats away. Therefore, it dries faster than the usual sock, leaving your feet dry and comfortable. Above all, it will prevent the accumulation of a stinky odor.

  • Long-Wearing Comfort
  • Reduce Foot Fatigue and Toe Irritation
  • Signature Moisture Management Technology
  • Moisture Acceleration Evaporation
  • Keeps your Feet Dry and Comfortable

After wearing this sock, you will find it hard to resist wearing another pair again. And true to its word, it has a perfect fit due to its unique slip-resistant technology fiber.

Buy Now : Adult Resistor 3.0 by Under Armour

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5. Metro IV OTC Soccer Socks by Adidas

Soccer players and enthusiasts with sweaty feet can find comfort with “Metro IV OTC” by Adidas. The latter constructed it by using durable, lightweight yarns that perfectly fit every player.

So, either if you’re a player or an enthusiast of soccer, this sock is for you. You no longer have to worry about your sweaty and smelly feet with “Metro.” One of its stunning features is the moisture-wicking yarn that will give your feet utmost coolness and dryness while playing.

  • Wicks Moisture
  • Lightweight
  • Close Fit
  • Perfect Arch and Ankle Compression
  • Durable Construction

You’ll have more time hitting the field to play with the “Metro IV OTC” socks. Adidas made sure your utmost level of comfort while practicing or playing while wearing it.

Buy Now : Metro IV OTC Soccer Socks by Adidas

6. Xccu Low-Cut Socks by Thorlos Experia

Two of the best enemies of our feet are heat and moisture. Hence, the vital role of socks is to protect the feet from intense pounding and annoying sweats. Although not all socks give you that functionality, “Xccu Low-Cut” socks from Thorlos Experia has all you need.

With its prominent fit design, exclusively from Experia, these socks look sexy on your feet. It also comes with a ball and heel padding feature. Moreover, its “ThorWick” fibers give you that refreshing feeling as it wicks the moisture. Therefore, keeping you dry and feeling fresh.

  • Added Heel and Ball Padding Protection
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Comfortable Thin Cushion
  • Anti-Blister
  • Colorful and Sexy Fit

Your running routine will never feel the same way again. With “Xccu Low-Cut” socks from Thorlos Experia, you’ll feel more vibes from its trending colors and comfort. Apart from the ventilation panel design, it also has a no-rub toe seam. That means you’ll have more style and ease while exercising or jogging.

Buy Now : Xccu Low-Cut Socks by Thorlos Experia

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7. Compression Socks by HYDRIXDIRECT

A pair of these “Compressions Socks” from HYDRIXDIRECT is perfect for athletes, doctors, nurses, office workers, and nurses. It’s the best gift for people whose work requires a lot of strenuous walking or leg movement. The fitting is just right for different sizes of men and women.

Due to the graduated compression design, it improves the circulation of your blood. It offers 20-30mmHg. That range is the desirable level for the maximum boost of blood circulation.

  • Improves Blood Flow
  • Better Fitting
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Premium Support, Comfort, and Healing
  • Reinforced Cushioned Toe and Heel Support

As it improves your blood flow, it also boosts your oxygen circulation. Thus, it helps lessen the build-up of lactic acid, while it aids in your muscle recovery. The materials used in these compressions socks are stretchable. So, it is more durable and offers much better flexibility.

From the premium support and relief comes the comfort with its lightweight and breathable fabric. So, moisture will not accumulate as you run or move.

Buy Now : Compression Socks by HYDRIXDIRECT

8. All-Season Cotton Crew Work by Carhartt

Carhartt takes pride with its built to last as long as the boots socks. The “All-Season Cotton Crew Work” is the brand’s best-settling socks. From its namesake, it’s suitable as working. May it be during cold weather or a rugged outdoor day, it’s perfect.

These ruggedly charming pair of socks come with engineered arch support. The level of comfort extends through the heel and toe. The outstanding quality of the cotton material used gives that breathable comfort when you wear it. Thus, protecting you from the foulest odor.

  • Ultimate Combination of Comfort and Strength
  • Odor-Neutralizing Technology
  • Soft and Breathable Cotton Design
  • For All-Seasoned Wear
  • Engineered Arch Support

Carhartt’s all-season cotton crew socks are your perfect wear at any season of the year.

Buy Now : All-Season Cotton Crew Work by Carhartt

9. Crew Sport Socks by Copper Fit

Prepare your best run or jog with these “Crew Sports Socks” by Copper Fit. It comes with a dynamic arch compression that provides added support and comfort. The brand also made sure that it has extra cushioning features, particularly on the footbed for ultimate or supreme convenience and ease.

It keeps your feet cool as it comes with the mesh venting design, making the fabric breathable. Copper Fit’s crew sports socks can fit both men and women. Boasting its brand’s name, they manufactured the socks with copper ions at a fiber level.

  • Made-Up of Environmental-Friendly Materials
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Extra Footbed Cushioning
  • Natural Odor Management
  • Premium Comfort and Performance

From the brand’s name, they manufactured the socks with copper ions at a fiber level. They take pride in the process involved in construction and designing. The copper ion element doesn’t wash away that easily.

And due to its moisture-wicking and natural odor management features, it gives you the utmost ease and comfort.

Buy Now : Crew Sport Socks by Copper Fit

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 10. Ultra-Light Athletic Running Socks by Thirty48

Colorful, sexy fit is how you would describe these “Ultra-Light Athletic Running Socks” by Thirty 48. It snugs well around your feet while protecting your toes from irritation. The manufacturer ensured that the socks come with seamless design.

That said, it gives you a complete range of action or movement. Therefore, it prevents any sort of abrasion or irritation on your toes.

  • Seamless Toe Design
  • Moisture-Wicking Feature
  • Supreme Stretch Fabric
  • Prevent Stinky Odor
  • Anatomically Perfect Fit

They engineered it with supreme stretch fabric for an anatomically perfect fit. The ultra-light feature, coupled with its superior ventilation mesh, allows moisture-wicking. Thus, giving you much comfort and odor-free feet.

Buy Now : Ultra-Light Athletic Running Socks by Thirty48


In closing, the socks are born for everyone’s ease and comfort. That is the ultimate goal. By saying so, it must come with a premium moisture-wicking feature. In this way, your sweaty feet will not give off a stinky, foul smell. When the sweats stick around the shoes, it can also cause athlete’s foot.

And so, to avoid it from happening, it is imperative to get the best socks available. There are plenty of socks for sweaty feet that you can purchase online. Among them are the top ten (10) listed above.

All of the socks listed above have five things in common. Each kind is comfortable, durable, long-wearing, moisture-wicking, and prevents the accumulation of bad odor and bacteria.

Lastly, you must check the materials used in those socks. The top three things you should look for are comfort, wicks sweat away, and free stinky odor management.

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