Best Ripple Wallets To Store Popular Crypto In 2022

Although XRP is not the highest priced token in the cryptocurrency market, it is certainly a virtual currency with one of the highest market capitalizations. By the way, an interesting observation: while the market is in the red zone, Ripple is the only one that continues to grow.

ripple wallet 2022

Ripple has a relatively low price per token, but also a huge investment potential for the future if its parent company manages to fulfill its plans.

In the meantime, the best thing you can do with your XRP tokens is hold them in a secure wallet. And here are our recommendations for some of the best crypto wallets to store XRP in 2022.

#1. Ledger Nano S

First on our list, unsurprisingly, is the Ledger Nano S, a cold wallet that is probably the best wallet in the entire crypto industry right now. It is extremely secure, easy to use and supports XRP among many other tokens.

Due to the fact that it is a standalone wallet, no one can hack it unless it is connected to a malware-infected PC, as the wallet doesn’t have its own Internet connection. It works with almost all operating systems, and you can also connect it to your Android phone simply by using an OTG cable.

#2. Rippex

Rippex is a dedicated desktop wallet for storing XRP tokens. According to buidlbee, most users consider it to be one of the best Ripple wallets for those who don’t want to use cold storage.

Rippex gives you great control over the funds you store in it and comes with a desktop and mobile version so you can easily manage your cryptocurrency on the go. It seems that the wallet is quite secure, has a multiple verification system, where all transactions must be verified by the Ripple network. And at the same time, it remains transparent, since all information about transactions is public.

#3. Toast Wallet

Toast Wallet is a wallet that was created specifically for the Ripple coin. It is free and open source software that is focused on reliability and ease of use. The developers stated that this wallet is “simple enough even for your grandmother, but safe enough as a Swiss bank.”

Toast Wallet is available for both smartphones and PCs. The wallet can be downloaded for all operating systems.

#4. Edge Wallet

Edge Wallet was created by a company that has been working with cryptocurrencies since 2014. It is an open source mobile wallet available for all mobile operating systems.

Another important advantage of the wallet is the ability to trade cryptocurrencies, not only XRP, but many others, right in the app. Here you can make real transactions, for example, sell Bitcoin for Ethereum.

#5. Coinpayments

Coinpayments is not only a wallet, but also a cryptocurrency exchange platform, a payment system, and even an online product marketplace. The reason why this wallet made the list is because it considers XRP as its main cryptocurrency.

Basically, it works like a bank where you can just open an account and keep your money. While XRP is its main cryptocurrency, Coinpayments supports over 100 other altcoins, which means you can hold many different cryptocurrencies, which is great for building different crypto portfolios.

You can even use Coinpayments for online purchases as there are several merchants that partner with this payment processor and accept XRP with low transaction fees.

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