Best Places To Do Wedding Shopping In Australia

Wedding Shopping Top 10 Australia Guide

Weddings are possibly one of the most stressful and exciting experiences of one’s life. They can be anxiety-inducing while also being the happiest time of your life at the same time. From choosing the perfect love quotes for your vows to finding the most elegant dress for the bride, the journey is full of hassle and exhilaration. Perhaps the most exhausting part of any wedding planning is the hurried shopping for essentials like cake, decor, dress etc. While no one can guarantee a wedding planning period that is free of mental and emotional strain, the stress caused can certainly be alleviated if one knows where to shop from! Visiting the right places to shop for your wedding is a good way to ensure smooth planning for your big day. Here are some places to keep an eye out for.

Bo and Luca Bridal, Sydney

Wedding Shopping Top 10 Australia Guide

Look no further if you are searching for a beautiful bridal dress! Boasting an efficient staff to assist the bride in picking out a dress that suits her needs and aesthetic look, this luxurious boutique is a must stopover for any wedding shopper. Not only does it host a collection of exquisite dresses, but the Paris-inspired decor of the place also cultivates an ambience that exudes tranquillity with its fireplace and wooden flooring. 

Little White Boutique, Tasmania

For wedding planners who value quality above everything else, Little White Boutique is the most suitable place to stop at. From dresses and gowns to dainty accessories, a multitude of wedding-related bridal products can be purchased here. Moreover, they also offer bridal booking services. The glamorously decorated interior is a welcome add on!

Hope X Page, Sydney

An appointment-only store, HopeXPage has a curated collection of flowing gowns that appropriately capture the contemporary bridal style. The beautifully elegant, white-splashed interior is coupled with a person-sized mirror which has a stylish border of flowers. Dresses can be tried out in an airy and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. 

Pallas Couture, Perth

With a homely exterior decor of lush green trees and a storefront, this store will relieve you of all wedding-related concerns. The illuminated and spacious interior gives off an adventurous vibe with its flowers decor, greenery and airy rooms. An elite collection of pastel designer dresses are available to choose from.

Valley Designer Cakes, Melbourne

Recognized as a top of the range supplier of wedding cakes in Melbourne, Valley Designer Cakes should top your list when it comes to ordering the perfect cake! With around twelve years of solid experience in making delightful wedding cakes, this place not only takes customized orders but also takes note of any possible food allergies it needs to cater to.

Celebration Cakes, Sydney

It would not be an overstatement to say that Celebration Cakes is possibly one of the most desired wedding cake suppliers in Australia with a dedicated team behind it. In business since 1981, this place is famous for cakes that not only look great, but taste delicious as well! Made from carefully selected, fresh ingredients – these cakes come in a variety of shapes and sizes in accordance with what the wedding couple wants.

Sweet Connoisseur, Sydney

Wedding Shopping Top 10 Australia Guide

A place that makes all your wedding cake dreams come true – Sweet Connoisseur prides itself for being in business for almost 27 years. Considered a favourite of couples searching for a place to order their perfect cake from, this supplier always puts its best work forward: from three-tie themed cakes to smaller, classic ones.

Circle of Love, Melbourne

Famous for providing an elegant collection of decor for beach and garden weddings, Circle of Love is a top choice for places to do your wedding shopping from. Their acclaimed and award-winning team of stylists work closely with their clients in order to provide them with the best services possible. With overwhelmingly positive reviews from their customers, this place must be on the list for your wedding planning!

Weddings of Distinction, Melbourne

With a dedicated and experienced team determined to bring your wedding dreams to life, Weddings of Distinction has almost 20 years of experience in wedding planning under its belt. They are recognized as one of the favorite decoration providers in Australia and are popular for being garden wedding specialists. Guests will be awe inspired by the quality and exquisiteness of the decorations provided by Weddings of Distinction.

Wedding Hire, Melbourne

Last but certainly not the least, is a supplier of top of the class wedding decorations. Wedding Hire hosts a wide range collection of wedding-related items. This decor supplier is a family-owned business which has quickly grown to become a new favourite of wedding couples. With a company policy which ensures the involvement of clients at every step of the way, this place is the perfect shopping stopover for your wedding planning expeditions.

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