Best Place’s in Germany For Online Quotes on Home Insurance

Top Ranked Places in Germany for Online Quotes on Home Insurance

German quote on home insurance – Home insurance helps you secure your home in the event of a loss. With home insurance, you will have peace of mind and you need not worry because no matter what you will always have a home. Listed below are the best places in Germany for home insurance.

1. German American insurance (link:

online German quote on home insurance
German American boasts of state-of-art packages for home insurance. They are tailored for the modern home owner. Their package benefits include:

  1. a) Home content coverage in the event of loss or damage. Home contents and personal belongings will be settled in the unfortunate event of loss or damage due to theft, fire or natural events.
  2. b) Water backup coverage. Sewers and drains are part of home insurance coverage by German American.
  3. c) Guaranteed cover of dwelling replacements and repairs by an approved repairer.
  4. d) Renters plus coverage. In the event you rent out your home, your tenant will be compensated in the event of loss or damage to the insured home.

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2. ACI-Andrew Copeland International (Link:

online German quote on home insurance
ACI is one of the longest serving home insurance providers in Germany. It has been in the game for more than 3 decades and continues to be one of the best at its job. Some of the benefits you will get from ACI include:

  1. a) Building and content coverage. In the event of loss or damage due to accidents, fire, theft or natural events, you are entitled to full coverage. Windows and window frames, ceramic hobs and your bathroom and sanitary ware are all covered as well. All this is without increase of the premiums.
  2. b) With German American, you can sub-let your home to tenants without risking the loss of your insurance coverage.
  3. c) Public liability is included as part of the coverage. This applies in the case of injury to your domestic staff.

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3. Intasure insurance (link:

online German quote on home insurance
For holiday home insurance in Germany, Intasure is the place. Apart from homes, Intasure offers protection for unoccupied properties as well. They are considered among the best at what they do and here is why:

  1. a) Building, outbuilding and content protection inclusive of swimming pools.
  2. b) Emergency travel costs are covered following a major claim.
  3. c) Top notch claims service through their 24-hour hotline number. They have dedicated agents who are always ready to help.
  4. d) Flexible payment methods. You can pay your premiums with ease and convenience thanks to their wide array of payment options.

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4. Home Mutual insurance (link:

online German quote on home insurance
Home mutual insurance has been in the game for a number of years. It boasts of over 10 decades of experience in home insurance. It is a trusted home insurance and it is no doubt why. Below are some of the things that make it a top home insurance option:

  1. a) Excellent customer service at very competitive prices.
  2. b) The dedicated staff at their customer center are always available to assist and advise you on your home insurance policy.
  3. c) A claims department and a hotline number through which you can air your claim grievances.

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