10 Best Modern Books On Stoicism Published Recently

Modern Books On Stoicism That Published Recently

In this noisy world where people seek attention and validation, it can be hard to cast an anchor on timeless and meaningful values. The Internet influences the masses that satisfaction rests on money, fame, the latest fashion trends, and vanity. Sadly, misery and envy follow this chase.

It is wise to sail away from this chatter and listen to the wisdom of the ages. Stoicism is one of these enduring philosophies. Reading its counsel and principles gives you the insights that guided Roman emperors, medieval thinkers, and modern-day folks who pursued excellence and serenity.

Do you want to be among them? Others thought so but soon gave up. Some of them could not find credible Stoic voices. Who can blame them? The Web is littered with misleading content about the philosophy, after all. Meanwhile, others sought to read classic Stoic literature, but they found these books to be far into the past. They could not go beyond the cultural and historical differences between the present and, say, the Roman Empire’s height.

Fortunately, Stoicism remains vibrant these days with authors who choose to revive the philosophy in modern times. This article lists down the ten best modern books on Stoicism published recently. Reading them, you can rest assured that what you will learn is relevant to our era’s challenges. Most importantly, what they say will reflect genuine Stoic values and lifestyles.10 Best Modern Books On Stoicism Published Recently

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Applied Stoicism: Taking Back Control of Your Chaotic Mind

From beginning to end, Applied Stoicism: Take Back Control of Your Chaotic Mind takes you on a transformational journey. R.K. Jones explores how to take control of the internal battle between order and chaos we all face. Our own consciousness and who we are will always be in constant flux throughout the entirety of our lives, as humans are our own worst enemy.
Applied Stoicism provides easy-to-follow exercises for improving your life as well as the knowledge underpinning them. R.K. Jones explores Stoicism’s foundations while ensuring its relevance in the modern world through practical application.

The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living

If you want to reflect on Stoicism daily, this book will serve you well. Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman gathered the translations of impactful Stoic quotations and lessons throughout the centuries. You will gain daily access to the principles that steered CEOs, world leaders, and pioneers.

The Daily Stoic makes Stoicism an exciting journey, not a classroom course on ancient thought. But this daily meditation book provides historical examples, practical analysis, and definitions of critical Stoic terminologies. It also quotes lesser-known Stoic thinkers, aside from icons like Marcus Aurelius and Zeno.

After a year with The Daily Stoic, you will find a new perspective on the meaning of life, relationships, and overcoming trials. No wonder why this book is one of the highest-rated releases on Amazon! It was also a bestseller for the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

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The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph

Different generations faced different ordeals. One can only imagine the suffering faced by people born in 1900. During their lifetime, they endured two world wars, the Spanish Flu and the Great Depression, among unspeakable tragedies! We can assume that they look forward to our time, which enjoys relative peace, progress, and prosperity never seen before in humankind. Why do depression, anxiety, and resentment seem to fill the narrative today?

The Obstacle Is the Way exemplifies the Stoic lessons on perseverance and resolve to overcome tests. The book narrates how the most successful people used Stoic values to rise despite their adversities. Its message of hope and willpower can uplift readers who go through crises and frustrations. Most importantly, The Obstacle Is the Way can motivate people to overcome hindrances and ascend to their fullest potential.

This book has many admirers among politicians, celebrities, and athletes. The Obstacle Is the Way gives you the time-tested thoughts that inspire them as you face setbacks and tests.

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Ego Is the Enemy

Today, people crave to stand out. Social media is filled with screams and wails for attention—from excessive selfies to outrageous posts seeking likes. Are you one of them, but do you want to leave this lifestyle behind? Ryan Holiday wrote another masterpiece for you: Ego Is the Enemy.

In this book, Ryan Holiday distilled Stoic philosophy and historical examples. He examines famous heroes, athletes, writers, and politicians who overcame their egos. These paragons pursued their ideals by setting aside their prideful desire for attention.

The readers of Ego Is the Enemy will learn to turn their eyes away from becoming famous or pleasing people. Instead, they will find joy in defeating the chains of ego and selfish needs. This book promises liberation from your narcissistic tendencies, encouraging selfless service and excellence.

Ego Is the Enemy is admired by bestselling authors, hosts, Olympic gold medalists, judges, and coaches.

Read More: https://amzn.to/3zD944K


Stillness Is the Key

Every moment, we are blasted with terrible news. News media companies sell divisive political outrage, while social media promote the “perfect life” that influencers portray. Outside the screen are people who battle the conflicts and contradictions of life, including the poverty and misery it throws. As time passes, pressure mounts on people trying to survive the ever-changing world.

Stillness Is the Key is another Ryan Holidays masterwork that addresses this challenge. He blended the insights of Stoicism and Buddhism, teaching readers to slow down and take a rest. Through the book’s anecdotes and quotations, you will learn that stillness encourages your mind to stay focused, determined, and contented. It also protects you from getting overwhelmed and swamped by competition and pride.

Stillness Is the Key provides a new perspective on the lives of impactful people like Winston Churchill and Fred Rogers. In light of Stoicism and Buddhism, Ryan Holidays argues that their stillness gave them tranquility even during difficult times. Whatever your challenges may be, Stillness Is the Key can help you reorient your vision beyond your current trials.

Read More: https://amzn.to/3Pampr3

The Daily Stoic Journal

If you purchased The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living, this journal would be your companion. You can write on it as you reflect on the Stoic lessons and principles you have learned. The spaces also let you write your goals, experiences, and insights.

The Daily Stoic Journal helps you absorb Stoic values, apply them to your lifestyle, and become a better person. Moreover, this journal serves as a record of your journey in this philosophy.

Read More: https://amzn.to/3PamLOp

Courage Is Calling

All of us face fears and uncertainties. Unfortunately, many people cannot overcome terror. They fall prey to panic, despair, and giving up.

How come people in past generations thrived even in their time’s direst tragedies and anxieties? Why do we hear of the tremendous victories that still affect our lives? How did they transform their fears—one of our primal emotions—into achievements and feats?

Courage Is Calling answers these questions through Stoicism, logic, and examples throughout history. Ryan Holiday’s latest book breaks down the anatomy of bravery and cowardice. You will learn to rule over your fears and not allow them to control you. This way, you can confront moral dilemmas and risks to uphold your values, goals, and the truth.

Hear the ring of valor by reading Courage Is Calling, and join the ranks of thousands of people who overcame their fears and insecurities.

Read More: https://amzn.to/3BRU5qb


Unshakeable Freedom: Ancient Stoic Secrets Applied to Modern Life

We will now distance ourselves from the works of Ryan Holiday, one of the leading Stoic popularizers today. Unshakeable Freedom is written by Dr. Chuck Chakrapani, a researcher and statistics professor. In this book, he adapted profound Stoic truths to help modern readers find freedom. Furthermore, he linked Stoicism with new findings in cognitive therapy, mind-training strategies, and productivity.

Because of these features, Unshakeable Freedom has been praised by CEOs, university deans, researchers, and psychologists.

Chuch Chakrapani also translated the Stoic books by Epictetus and Seneca. Moreover, his authorship extends to marketing research, qualitative methods, investment, and financial freedom.

Read More: https://amzn.to/3A5RTdC


Your User’s Manual: A Guide for Purpose and an Anxiety-Free Life in the 21st Century

Every device comes with a user manual describing its purpose and how to use it. But unlike these packaged tools, we enter the world without knowing our meaning. Sure, we learn about values and “proper behavior,” but society contradicts itself alongside the harsh realities of life.

Anderson Silver wrote Your User’s Manual to help steer people towards serenity and purpose. Based on the fundamentals of Stoicism and similar philosophies, Your User’s Manual suits their teachings for the modern reader.

Readers love that this book presents the topic lightly, unlike other heavy Stoic books. Anderson Silver also crafted this book to be revisited when they struggle.

Read More: https://amzn.to/3BPqf5V

How to Think Like A Roman Emperor

The Meditations is one of the most influential Stoic scriptures ever written. In How to Think Like a Roman Emperor, Donald Robertson revisited the life of Marcus Aurelius. This book brings the reader to the philosopher emperor’s journey, from being a noble at the royal court to becoming the leader of the Roman Empire. Most importantly, How to Think Like a Roman Emperor shows how Stoic values helped him rule over his dominion. Donald Robertson also applied his knowledge of psychotherapy to back up Stoicism.

The review in the Wall Street Journal praises how the book dived into the emperor’s psychology, philosophy, and biography. Likewise, Dr. Franklin Anis of the Small Wars Journal declared that How to Think Like a Roman Emperor enlightens readers about how they can apply Stoicism, unlike other self-help books.

Read More: https://amzn.to/3QbFMBk

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