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If you are planning on going away on a luxury trip abroad, having a few luxury apps to accompany you will make your trip a little bit more enjoyable. In today’s world, we all travel with our mobile phones – it would feel strange to not have a phone by your side right? – so why not use them to enhance your journey? Because luxury travels are one-of-a-kind experiences, whether you are taking private jet services, or staying in a private villa, your safety and travel experience does skyrocket.

There are so many different applications that you can download on your phone that will make your journey a little bit easier as well as more luxurious. The JetApp can be used for your private flights, Loungebuddy allows you to access prestigious lounges and Get My Boat helps you charter your own. 

Below we look into some of the best luxury travel apps that you should download on your phone. 

Lounge Buddy 

When you are travelling a lot, it’s always nice to add a touch of luxury to your journey by using a lounge in the airport – most lounges include premium wifi, unlimited drinks and food. By downloading lounge buddy, you can view, book and access different airport lounges from around the world. The app is easy to use and within a few clicks of a button, you can have access to a private lounge. 

Get My Boat 

When you are away on holiday, do you enjoy going out to the sea and exploring? If you do, then Get My Boat may be the luxury Travel app for you. What this app does is allow you to charter a boat for a few hours to a day – whatever your preference is. You can then explore your destination from a completely different angle. It’s available in many different countries, so make sure you check it out before leaving to confirm it’s available in the destination you are visiting. Whether you want a yacht or a catamaran, there are plenty of different boats for you to choose from. 

The Out 

When you are away and need a car, you don’t want to have just any car when travelling in luxury – no, you want a car like a Jaguar or a Range Rover. Download The Out and have access to a whole range of Range Rovers and Jaguars that you can book within minutes. Once booked, your chosen car will be delivered to you and collected from you when you are finished with it. The app is run by Jaguar Land Rover so you can expect world-class service when ordering a vehicle for you to borrow. 

We hope the above three apps give you some insight into the world of luxury apps that you can use when travelling abroad. Download them and give them a go, if you don’t like them, you can easily remove them from your mobile device. 

What luxury travel apps do you use when travelling abroad? Have you tried one of the three different apps that we have mentioned above? Are there any apps that you think we should be adding? Let us know in the comment box below, we would love to hear from you. 

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