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Wine festival Now, this is an immensely debatable niche! We know you love your tastes and that you hold your opinions dear to your heart. Nevertheless, we had to come up with the 10 best, and behold! the list is here (agree or not, you surely will love it all).

‘Taste of Melbourne’

Spring & sunshine, food & wine, this sassy culinary 4-day festival amplifies the calibre of Melbourne as the food capital of Australia. With stalls offering bite-size delicious samples, of names ranging from Movida to Huxtaburger, thousands of visitors enjoy their fill while scanning the beautiful Melbourne landscape.

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival’

It’s Melbourne again! The ever-famous festival is a fortnightly gala celebrating food, and not just the gastronomic pleasure but the in, out and about of the local food and wine industry. And not just local, because a lot of displays are the handiwork of international chefs (fancy !). And yes there’s a World’s Longest Lunch, too.

‘Orange FOOD Week’

A festival highlighting the New South Wales state’s food culture near the town of orange, it’s popular among the diners for its rustic theme with a greater focus on taste than fashion, and a country setting. The 10-day long festival promotes the local produce, through foraging expeditions, and day-night markets along with a rustic, homely vibe that makes it one of the best food festivals in Australia.

‘Truffle Kurfuffle’

As the name suggests, this festival held annually in Manjimup, Western Australia, is a celebration of the Perigord Black truffle. The weekend-long event showcases the local produce, predominantly with truffle-related programs. The mouth-watering escapade doesn’t end here – there is a thrilling truffle hunt with trained dogs to retrieve lumps worth AUD$ 3000!

Noosa International Food & Wine Festival’

This food festival earns its place in the list due to being perhaps, the most hedonistic event of all. This mid-May gala certainly gathers mixed responses for the vibrant and loud touch where the mouth-watering food & wine meet bikini-boardie chefs. Held in the Noosa national park it’s the biggest regional event.

‘Taste of Sydney’

Having the most metropolitan crowd in all of Australia, and exotic culinary culture, Sydney is best tasted through this festival. Held in Centennial Park, each March, it is a gathering of the city’s best restaurants (Porteno, Popolo etc.) and food personalities for a four-day food bonanza.

‘Savor Tasmania’

Fabulous land, fabulous food. Degustation dinners & nose-to-tail masterclasses, lush Tasmania in the background, & mid-May weather. Freshest produce & delicious dishes, local restaurants & international chefs, excellent wines & tasty cheeses, well, what can you possibly want more! Head on to this 5-day gastronomy heaven.


First artisanal wine & food festival in Sydney, this February celebration delves deep into the taste buds with seafood & wine workshops and evening festivals, produce markets and extremely famous Orange Wine Bar.

McLaren Vales Sea & Wines Festival’

A local delight, this festival in South Australia’s green & gold region is a winery haven with 88 cellar doors, 100-year old grapevines, and a relaxed drink-and-dine atmosphere with pleasurable food, trails and boutique wineries.

‘Kangaroo Island Food Safari’

A unique venture, this festival makes us enjoy food while on the run! Exploring Kangaroo island’s cuisine through expeditions, fishing, and discussion while munching exotic bits is quite a bargain, don’t you think?

Summary :

We’ve listed the 10 best food festivals in Australia, but if you have a better opinion, analysis, or story, let us know through your comments below or share your insight here.

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