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Johnny Fevers Best Lines

Johnny fever is an incredible character. In the American television series WKRP in Cincinnati, Johnny Fever is a fictitious character. Here are some best lines of the johnny Fever 

“Right now I’d like to describe some of the incredible action that’s going on down here. A man we believe might be a customer has just come from freshening up, and it looks like he’s…leaving. No, wait a minute, he’s paused there; maybe he’s going to chat with Del Murdock, personable owner of Del’s Stereo and Sound… yes, he is. Maybe he’s going to buy something, and he’s…no, no, he’s pulled out a gun…uh, for any policemen who might be listening, apparently we’re being held up here at Del’s Stereo and Sound…” -Dr. Johnny Fever

Lucille:  “We only watch good, wholesome family shows.  Like Little House on the Prairie.  It’s about blind children and every week someone dies in a fire or of a horrible disease.”

“Citizens of Cincinnati, we are being attacked by the godless tornadoes!”

Dr Johnny Fever: “Booger!!!”

The appointment of a woman to office is an innovation for which the public is not prepared, nor I. – Author: Thomas Jefferson

Take the road less travelled sometimes. And other times stick to the path that will lead you to success and a decent career.” – Jack to Tess; ppg 117 – Author: Annabel Pitcher

Announcing a withdrawal date, was wrong. The Taliban may not have watches, but they do have calendars. – Author: Mitt Romney

I’ve been working some long hours for the last five or six years. Anybody who works on series television knows, especially women because women spend probably two hours more than the guys with all their hair and makeup crap. – Author: Victoria Pratt

There’s a dark side to everything. – Author: Prince

Doubtless, the world is quite right in a million ways, but you have to be kicked about a little to convince you of the fact. – Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

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Fun Fact

What did Johnny Fever say?

Johnny Fever is on the air at the very moment the station flips from snoozy easy-listening music to rock and roll. He tells his audience he has the “healing prescription” for what ails them: “So just sit right down, relax, open your ears real wide and say, ‘Give it to me straight, doctor, I can take it! ‘”

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