Berejiklian Bushfires in Australia – #koalakiller Trending on Twitter

Fury Builds as People Question Cuts to Services

Twitter Australia is Trending with #koalakiller people are furious about the cuts to services as the fires wreak havoc across the land. While the cuts will bite and may have contributed to the current situation, nothing can take away from the bravery of ordinary Australians with potentially fewer resources volunteering to face this threat head-on.

The below tweet discusses some of the dollars amount cut from emergency service budgets and it does not look good at all.

There has been a lot of talk and fingers pointed about the reduction of backburning however questions are now being asked if that was due to budgetary constraints as opposed to an ideology.

Animals #koalakiller Paying the Price for Human Error?

As our farms, people homes and beautiful wildlife suffer people are asking and rightly so could this have been managed better.

With health cuts, emergency service cuts and fires that are being managed with fewer than previous resources, people are demanding answers.

Berejiklian Bushfires are causing hardships not seen for many years, as the community rallies the inevitable demand for an answer will come. The question remains will the coalition Government have the answers?

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