Benefits Of Barista Training And Accredited Education

The benefits of Barista training and accredited education are numerous. Professional training will provide you with guided hands-on experience taught by industry leaders and gives you nationally recognized certification in all Australian-governed states, territories, and surrounding islands.

With the skills and training you gain from taking a Skills Training College Barista Course, you will be armed with the knowledge and credentials to enter a new career as a qualified barista or become the most amazing home barista the planet has to offer, or hide if that is your thing in a big brother world. Do you need a piece of paper to make a brilliant cup of coffee? No, you do not. You either can or cannot make a superb cup of Joe, and the ability to do that comes down to natural skill and aptitude.


There is more to being a barista than putting a coffee pod into a Nespresso machine and drinking what comes out at the other end of the process. Being a barista means having a deep and extensive understanding of coffee, coffee beans, types of coffee the beans can produce, and how to roast, blend and get the most out of your bean choice. It means you can make any one of over thirty plus different coffee styles that exist around the globe and are not on your local coffee house or café menu. Let’s be honest; who doesn’t want to have those skills and that level of knowledge?

If you said, “Me”, you are likely not a coffee drinker, let alone a coffee connoisseur. But let me ask you this question.

What if you have an unknown, deeply hidden talent and skill as a barista that could make you big money on the side? Be it a side hustle on the weekend to bring in some extra cash or as a small business café owner, baristas are in high demand, and the good ones are making big money!

You can gain accredited certification as a barista for as little as $149.00 and less than six hours of your time. There are only so many courses you can do in one day and be qualified hours after you complete the course with same-day certification.

What Can You Gain From Taking A Barista Course

Oddly enough, that will depend on why you want the certificate. If you are looking for employment or fancy a mid-life sea change and a new career that goes with it, then a barista course is the ideal way to get your hands dirty with the practical experience taught by a professional face-to-face. You get to ask questions and learn tricks and tips that cannot be taught by studying a book. It is one thing to read how to do a process, but it is another entirely to see it in person and replicate it correctly.

If your reason for taking a barista course is personal, you might consider it a fantastic social interaction platform. The opportunity to meet like-minded singles is always on the cards if you are single. If you are looking for something other than a covert romance opportunity, then making friends is an art form lost over the last decade. Step away from your social media devices, get back into the real world with face-to-face interactions and discover the joy of meeting new people and making new friends or business network contacts.

How Lucrative Is It To Be An Accredited Barista

Given how little time you need to gain certification, the role of a barista can be incredibly lucrative if you are employed by someone else. The average Australian wage of a qualified barista is between $55,000- $65,000 per annum. That has to be considered money for jam! A job even the brain dead can excel at to a stellar level!

If you choose to open your own pop-up café and you have the bankroll to go into business at a small business level, then the coffee world is your oyster, amigo. All you need to do is find baristas at another level, and your customer base will grow within a month.

Word of mouth is what brings customers to a café or the place of work for a next-level barista. In fact, a barista of such calibre should be considered a magician with mystical powers. When you add the long list of coffee styles they have to know and remember off the top of their heads; you get a better understanding and appreciation for their skill level.

I don’t know about you, but if someone threw an endless list at me and said they wanted me to make any of the items below, they would get my standard strong, legless, blonde or negro and nothing more. What is a strong, legless, blonde/negro, I hear you asking with confusion? Strong, no sugar coffee that is blonde has milk. The negro version is served black. You could add as many legs as you like to your order, but you don’t get a choice of milks or latte art designs in my kitchen.

Coffee Styles

Café Latte / Cappuccino / Espresso / Piccolo Latte /Vienna / Mocha/ Affogato /Flat White/ Long Black/ Americano/ Irish Coffee/ Macchiato/ Ristretto/ Cold Brew/ Frappuccino/ Iced Coffee/ Café au Lait/ Nitro/ Dalgona … to name a few, there are plenty more obscure ones dotted around the globe.

However, if you relish the idea of creating your own latte artwork masterpieces, there is a latte art course for that too. And speaking of milk, did you know there are more plant-based milk substitutes orders for coffee than your traditional mammal milk these days? From oat milk, almond milk, rice milk, soya milk and all the other nuts and beans on offer. Enough to blow your mind, and knowing how to brew the coffee to the right temperature and froth the different kinds of milk all takes time to learn, education to understand and practice to make perfect.

The moral of this article is that while being a coffee monkey appears to be a mindless job, there is a hidden level of intelligence needed to be an expert barista, and the most unassuming people don’t even know that skill resides within them. You might be one of those people, and the world needs you! Well, the coffee connoisseurs of the world need you. Like any critic, it is easy to spot a bad coffee or burnt beans that turn a brew bitter, but how many critics can say they make the perfect cup of espresso coffee and all the styles therein? Certainly not me! That is why I tip my local barista two bucks a cup because the man knows how to make coffee that incites a taste bud pleasure party!

Next time you are standing in line to order your coffee, take a moment to appreciate the barista’s skill. If you want to test them a little, give them one of the more obscure coffees and see if they can knock it out of the park the first time.

If you are thinking to yourself, “Self, I have a day to kill between working and dying to some something social and get out of the house,” then consider taking a Skills Training College Barista Course in Queensland or South Australia this weekend.

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