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List of books by Ben Haas

List of Books by Ben Haas with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Ben Haas. Find my selection in date order of Ben Haas  books.

Ben Haas List of Books to Read

Fargo Books

Fargo (1969)           

Panama Gold           (1969)           

Alaska Steel  (1969)           

Massacre River        (1969)           

The Wildcatters       (1970)           

Apache Raiders       (1970)           

Shotgun Man           (1973)           

Bandolero     (1974)           

Wolf’s Head  (1973)           

The Black Bulls         (1971)           

Killing Spree (1971)           

Sharpshooters         (1972)           

Killer’s Moon            (1976)           

Dakota Badlands     (1977)           

Valley of Skulls         (1982)

Cutler Books

The Wolf-Pack         (1972)           

The Gunhawks         (1972)


Rancho Bravo Books

Calhoon         (1972)           

The Big Drive            (1974)           

Killraine         (1974)           

Night Riders (1975)           

The Mustang Men  (1979)

Sundance Books

Overkill          (1972)           

Dead Man’s Canyon           (1972)           

Dakota Territory      (1972)           

Death in the Lava    (1971)           

The Pistoleros          (1972)           

Wild Stallions           (1973)           

Taps at Little Big Horn       (1973)           

The Ghost Dancers (1973)           

Bring Me His Scalp  (1973)           

The Bronco Trail      (1973)           

War Party     (1974)           

Bounty Killer (1975)           

Run for Cover           (1976)           

Manhunt       (1976)           

Blood On the Prairie           (1976)           

War Trail       (1976)           

Riding Shotgun        (1977)           

Silent Enemy            (1977)           

Ride the Man Down           (1973)           

Gunbelt         (1977)

Standalone Novels

The Foragers            (1963)           

KKK     (1963)           

Brother Badman     (1965)           

Look Away, Look Away      (1965)           

The Last Valley         (1966)           

The Troubled Summer       (1966)           

The Danube Runs Red       (1968)           

Big Bend        (1969)           

Gun Runner  (1969)           

A Score of Arms       (1969)           

Exile’s Quest (1970)           

The Trail Ends At Hell         (1970)           

The Chandler Heritage       (1971)           

The Belle From Catscratch            (1972)           

Daisy Canfield          (1973)           

Cartridge Creek       (1973)           

Gaylord’s Badge      (1975)           

House of Christina  (1977)                                               

List of books by Ben Haas

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Ben Haas.

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