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List of books by Baroness Orczy

List of Books by Baroness Orczy with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Baroness Orczy. Find my selection in date order of Baroness Orczy books.

Baroness Orczy List of Books to Read

Sir Percy Blakeney Series (Scarlet Pimpernel) Books

The Scarlet Pimpernel        (1905)           

I Will Repay  (1906)           

The Elusive Pimpernel        (1908)           

Eldorado       (1913)           

Lord Tony’s Wife     (1917)           

The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel     (1919)           

The First Sir Percy   (1920)           

The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel   (1922)           

Sir Percy Hits Back  (1927)           

Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel     (1929)           

The Scarlet Pimpernel Looks at the World       (1933)           

The Way of the Scarlet Pimpernel          (1934)           

Sir Percy Leads the Band   (1936)           

Mam’zelle Guillotine          (1940)

Standalone Novels

The Emperor’s Candlesticks          (1899)           

Petticoat Government       (1909)           

Petticoat Rule          (1910)           

The Nest of the Sparrowhawk     (1911)           

A True Woman aka The Heart of a Woman      (1911)           

Meadowsweet         (1912)           

The Laughing Cavalier        (1914)           

Leatherface  (1916)           

The Man in Grey     (1918)           

Pimpernel and Rosemary  (1924)           

Unravelled Knots    (1925)           

The Celestial City     (1926)           

Blue Eyes and Grey (1929)           

In the Rue Monge   (1931)           

Marivosa       (1931)           

A Child of the Revolution  (1932)           

A Joyous Adventure            (1932)           

A Spy of Napoleon  (1934)           

The Uncrowned King          (1935)           

Divine Folly   (1937)           

No Greater Love      (1938)           

Pride of Race            (1942)           

Will O’the-wisp        (1947)           

The Duffield Peerage Case            (2004)           

The Fenchurch Street Mystery    (2004)           

The York Mystery    (2004)

Non-Fiction Books


Links in the Chain of Life   (1947)                                              

List of books by Baroness Orczy

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Baroness Orczy.

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