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List of books by Barbara Taylor Bradford

List of Books by Barbara Taylor Bradford with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Barbara Taylor. Find my selection in date order of Barbara Taylor books.

Barbara Taylor Bradford List of Books to Read

Emma Harte Books

A Woman of Substance     (1979)           

Hold the Dream       (1985)           

To Be The Best         (1988)           

Emma’s Secret         (2003)           

Unexpected Blessings        (2005)           

Just Rewards            (2005)           

Breaking the Rules  (2009)

House Of Dravenel/Ravenscar Trilogy Books

The Ravenscar Dynasty     (2006)           

Heirs of Ravenscar  (2007)           

Being Elizabeth        (2008)

Cavendon Hall Books

Cavendon Hall          (2014)           

The Cavendon Women      (2015)           

The Cavendon Luck (2016)           

Secrets of Cavendon          (2017)

House Of The Falconer Books

Master of His Fate  (2018)           

In the Lion’s Den     (2019)

Standalone Novels

Voice of the Heart  (1983)           

Act of Will     (1986)           

The Women in His Life       (1990)           

Remember    (1991)           

Angel  (1993)           

Everything to Gain  (1994)           

Love in Another Town        (1995)           

Dangerous to Know            (1995)           

Her Own Rules         (1996)           

A Secret Affair         (1996)           

Power of a Woman (1997)           

A Sudden Change of Heart           (1998)           

Where You Belong  (1999)           

The Triumph of Katie Byrne          (2001)           

Three Weeks in Paris          (2002)           

Playing the Game    (2010)           

Letter from a Stranger       (2011)           

Secrets from the Past        (2012)

Short Stories

Hidden           (2013)           

Treacherous (2014)

Non-Fiction Books

Fashions That Please Him (1970)           

Easy Steps to Successful Decorating      (1971)           

How to Solve Your Decorating Problems          (1976)           

Making Space Grow           (1979)           

Luxury Designs for Apartment Living     (1981)           

Decorating Ideas for Casual Living          (1984)           

Barbara Taylor Bradford’s Living Romantically Every Day     (2002)           

Secrets of Romance           (2014)                                              

List of books by Barbara Taylor Bradford

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Barbara Taylor Bradford.


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