When is Bankstown Bites Food Festival 2022

Bankstown Bites Food Festival

The festival is open to all locals as well as tourists who are visiting Sydney.
The event began in 2005 through the struggles of the Bankstown City Council. It happens each July and is gone to by around 10,000 individuals yearly making it one of Australia’s greatest food celebrations. It incorporates cooking exhibitions, live exhibitions, tours of local food outlets, activities for the children and food stalls

What Special To Be Served?

The stalls sell a broad range of comfort foods, as well as one of a kind manifestations including Lebanese pizza, Filipino home cooking, halal butchers, Chinese tea, Indian pastries, African food, and significantly more.

Family And Celebrity Festival:

The Bankstown Bites Food Festival is a family-accommodating occasion that offers something other than food. Pay special attention to VIP culinary experts who do cooking exhibits and offer their insider facts in the kitchen as they cook up food for patrons. In earlier years, cooks like Adam Liaw, Ben O’Donoghue, Darren Robertson, Collin Fassnidge, and Matt Sinclair have taken part in the last 5 years.


Olympic Parade, Bankstown


30, July 2022 (Expected) but yet to be announced officially

Event Times

11am – 7pm

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