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List of books by B.V. Larson

List of Books by B.V. Larson with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, B.V. Larson. Find my selection in date order of B.V. Larson books.

B.V. Larson List of Books to Read

Haven Books

Amber Magic           (2010)           

Sky Magic     (2010)           

Shadow Magic         (2010)           

Dragon Magic          (2010)           

Blood Magic (2010)           

Death Magic (2011)           

Dream Magic           (2013)

Imperium Books

Mech 1          (2010)           

Mech 2          (2010)           

Mech Zero    (2012)           

Mech 3          (2012)           

The Black Ship         (2012)


Imperium Books

Mech Zero is a prequel novella to the Imperium series, to be read prior to Mech.

Star Force Books

Swarm           (2010)           

Extinction     (2011)           

Rebellion       (2011)           

Conquest      (2011)           

Army of One (2014)           

Battle Station          (2012)           

Empire           (2012)           

Annihilation  (2013)           

Storm Assault          (2013)           

The Dead Sun           (2014)           

Outcast         (2014)           

Exile    (2014)           

Battle Cruiser           (2015)           

Demon Star  (2015)

Hyborean Dragons Short Stories

To Dream with the Dragons         (2011)           

The Dragon-Child    (2011)           

Of Shadows and Dragons  (2011)           

The Swords of Corium       (2011)           

The Sorcerer’s Bane           (2011)           

The Dragon Wicked            (2011)

Unspeakable Things Books

Technomancer        (2012)           

The Bone Triangle   (2013)

Undying Mercenaries Books

Steel World  (2013)           

Dust World   (2014)           

Tech World   (2014)           

Machine World       (2015)           

Death World            (2015)           

Home World (2016)           

Rogue World            (2017)           

Blood World (2017)

Lost Colonies Trilogy Books

Battle Cruiser           (2015)           

Dreadnought           (2015)           

Star Carrier   (2016)

Rebel Fleet Books

Rebel Fleet   (2016)           

Orion Fleet   (2016)           

Alpha Fleet   (2017)

Galactic Liberation Books

Starship Liberator   (2016)           

Battleship Indomitable      (2017)           

Flagship Victory       (2018)

Standalone Novels

Creatures      (2010)           

Lost Shores   (2010)           

Real Life        (2010)           

Spyware        (2010)           

Element-X     (2013)           

Starfire          (2014)

Short Story Collections

Velocity         (2010)           

Five by Five   (2012)           

Planetary Assault    (2013)                                   

List of books by B.V. Larson

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author B.V. Larson .

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