Awesome 7 Day Workout Routine to Get Your Grooves Moving

Top 7 Day Workout You Can Do in Home

During the Year of Change, the need for discipline and routine have become increasingly obvious. I have incorporated set routines to my week for a number of reasons:

  1. Better Safety 
  2. Options to Intensify Your Workouts with Familiar Routines
  3. Ensure Full Range of Motion
  4. Compete Muscle Workout Each Week
  5. Accountability

All the weights can be adjusted to your skill level and of course, don’t attempt to perform any exercises you are not 100 per cent confident with, always consult a Doctor before any changes to your lifestyle.

Day 1

On the first day we will aim at getting muscle strength into our exercises. The first day is all about developing strength. We will do push based exercises and mostly weights. Also for extra cardio consider cycling or hitting the treadmill.

Bench Press352 – 3 minutes
Dumbbell Side Bend352 – 3 minutes
Biceps Curl3104 – 5 minutes
Skull Crusher352 – 3 minutes
Dumbbell Arnold Press352 – 3 minutes

Day 2

This day is mainly about squats. Squats are a great way of developing balance and developing core muscles as well as quadriceps along with calves. Thus, it is a complete leg workout.

Squat3103 – 4 minutes
Goblet Squat3103 – 4 minutes
Bulgarian Split Squat3103 – 4 minutes
Shrimp Squat3103 – 4 minutes
Pistol Squat3103 – 4 minutes

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Day 3

This day is about making strong powerful pull exercises. These will help develop muscles and are essential in body building.

Pendlay Row5103 – 4 minutes
Upright Row5103 – 4 minutes
Single Arm Row5103 – 4 minutes
Neutral Grip row5103 – 4 minutes
Straight-Arm Pullover5103 – 4 minutes

Day 4

This day is all about leg strength again. Lower body is always difficult to develop. Thus, on day 4 we will again at good and strong exercises for legs

Calf-Raise5103 – 4 minutes
Burpee553 – 4 minutes
Hollow-Body Hold5103 – 4 minutes
Leg Extension5103 – 4 minutes
Glute Bridge5103 – 4 minutes

Day 5

This is yet another day which is based on push exercises. This will help develop your strength. Here we will increase the reps for each and every case.

Bench Press36-73 – 4 minutes
Dumbbell Side Bend36-73 – 4 minutes
Biceps Curl3115 – 6 minutes
Skull Crusher36-73 – 4 minutes
Dumbbell Arnold Press363 – 4 minutes

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Day 6

This is yet another day which is based on pull exercises. This will help develop your strength. Here we will increase the reps for each and every case.

Pendlay Row5124 – 5 minutes
Upright Row5124 – 5 minutes
Single Arm Row5124 – 5 minutes
Neutral Grip row5124 – 5 minutes
Straight-Arm Pullover5124 – 5 minutes

Day 7

The key to all exercises is balance. The essence of physical workout is to develop physical body so that body remains healthy. But health is also about mind and peace. Thus, on the last day of the week you will work on light exercises without weights and a bit of Yoga.

Wall Sit5104 – 5 minutes
Squat5305 – 6 minutes
Burpee5105 – 6 minutes
Pushup5204 – 5 minutes
Yoga (in particular meditation)115 minutes

Main Image Source: Pixabay

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