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Adelaide’s Anime and Video Games Event (abbreviated as AVCon) is an Australian anime, and video game festival hosted in Adelaide, South Australia, and organised by the registered charity Team AVCon Inc. The festival is held every year in July for three days, starting at the University of Adelaide and ending in the Adelaide Convention Centre in 2019. Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the festival was cancelled between 2020 and 2022. Team AVCon announced on social media and their official website that the AVCon festival would not take place in 2022 as a huge event. Team AVCon will instead host mini-events and focus on reuniting with the regional and metropolitan areas.


AVCon began as a combined convention funded by volunteers from the Adelaide Japanese Animation Society (AJAS) and the Adelaide University Video Gamers Association at the University of South Australia. After four successful annual conferences, Team AVCon Inc was founded as an independent business to conduct and support the yearly convention. Due to continued growth in attendance, the event outgrew its convention status in 2008. It grew into a festival, moved to the Adelaide Convention Centre.

With a little over 4,000 persons, this venue move resulted in twice the previous year’s ticket sales. The event was hosted in the Adelaide Convention Centre again in 2010, with 8,000 visitors, while guests climbed to almost 14,000 in 2011. The 2020 AVCon festival has been cancelled because of the COVID-19 outbreak in Australia. The Morphettville Racecourse hosts the 2021 AVCon event on July 9–11. The festival was postponed owing to a lockdown in South Australia, according to an official statement made on June 30, 2021. Team AVCon stated on July 24 that the 2021 festival would be cancelled. The cancellation was made because limitations on gatherings are expected to continue even after the lockdown ends. 

AVCon 2022

During the festival, guests may participate in various events and activities, including community and industry-led panels and seminars, tabletop gaming, contests, video game and tabletop tournaments, and free play gaming. Take a stroll along artist lane and buy something from a local artist to show your support. Artists can sell their creations at AVCon every year, from prints and critical chains to models and crafts. You may anticipate seeing goods featuring your favourite characters and being able to support both local and interstate artists. This year’s guest lineup is chock-full of Australian talent from several fields. JoshDub, Mully, and Smashing, VR video game YouTubers, will be attending the event. 

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Do you know? These three YouTube channels have a combined following of nearly 15 million subscribers. They’re known for their gaming videos in which they play money games and frequently collaborate to create amusing stuff that makes people laugh. Andy Trieu, host of SBS PopAsia, will be in attendance, which will delight K-pop fans. He’s a prominent martial artist, actor, and news presenter in addition to anchoring the popular K-pop music show. Michael Cusack, the legendary animator, is another name due to appear on the AVCon stage. Cusack will discuss what it takes to work as an animator in Australia. His business, ANIFEX, is responsible for some of Australia’s most notable works, including advertisements for Schmackos, Mortien, and Energizer.

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What is the full-form of AVCon?

Full-form of AVCon Adelaide’s Anime and Video Games Festival 

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