Elize Becker

Elize Becker
I am an Archaeologist and Anthropologist with 14 years of experience working with international and locally-based institutions, organisations, companies and public entities. I gained experiences in resettlement and community displacement projects, small business development, cultural-heritage impact assessments and archaeological excavations. Also, I worked as a Project Manager responsible to develop project plans and drive tasks accordingly. Besides my consultancy career, I participated in academic research with a focus on community displacement using an Anthropological approach. Most of my on-site work experiences I gained while working in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Namibia. I also joined global sustainable management teams contributing to projects in Cameroon, Mozambique and Bahrain. I enjoy travelling and exploring the world, working with different communities and cultures. I use my writing career to tell and share my stories I experienced when exploring different parts of the world.

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