Australia’s Newest Marketplace Luxemarket – Online Store Oz

Australia’s Newest Marketplace Luxemarket

Review of the Website With an Exploration of Products and Website Format and Layout.

The testing took place of three day period at different times of the day to ensure as accurate portrayal as possible of performance and functionality.

Australia’s Newest Marketplace Luxemarket - Online Store Oz

This article will explore first impressions of Luxemarket, explore some positive aspect about the site, look for any negative’s and the good stuff the product range. The scope of the article will not expand to perchance of products from the website.

The first impression of the website looks clean, modern design showcases some products upfront with fast loading and easy to navigate the familiar system. Has a contact number (03) 9502 4299, the number is searchable in Google and shows up linked to  I have contacted the company and the phone line is manned 9 am to 5 pm, 7 days a week.

I called the number during website testing and answered quickly efficiently good phone response, sound Australian with a clear and well-spoken accent. The phone was answered within 30 seconds which is above my expectations for retail store thus good vibes so far.

WWW.LUXEMARKET.COM.AU is part of the Group ACN 98 619 055 293.

This obviously provides peace of mind to buyers.

Australia’s Newest Marketplace Luxemarket - Online Store Oz

What I Like About Luxemarket

  1. Easy to navigate website
  2. Front and center contact details with good and industry-standard opening times.
  3. Chat Facility on the website for customer service with a less than one minute response time tested and very efficient.
  4. Clear terms and conditions
  5. Good product range and growing over the 3 days testing period noticed new products.
  6. Prices are competitive and have some good discounts
  7. A sign up to the Newsletter offers a discount on purchase’s (pending $150 spend.)
  8. Affordable shipping rates
  9. Related products show below items clicked on helping make the right choice.
  10. Good product images and multiple angles

What Could be Improved?

  1. Shipping cost is calculated after checkout, many stores do this however I always enjoy flat cost shipping when possible, however, they have some big items so can understand. I completed the process up to entering payment details and found the prices within expected norms.

Products review and opinion on price

I found this hippo stool HERE and it looks really good, the price is competitive and the shipping rate very fair. It would be a sound addition to a child’s bedroom! Or even my study as a footstool with style.

The products are photographed and described well with dimensions and weight capacity. This little guy rates up to 150kg will hold even most plus-size kids.

Australia’s Newest Marketplace Luxemarket - Online Store Oz

Kids Castle Design Bookshelf

This is a solid looking unit see HERE and I really like the style could easily see this product in one of my kids rooms.

Australia’s Newest Marketplace Luxemarket - Online Store Oz

Two-Tone Kids Table and Chair Set

Eco friendly, start the little nippers with the right ethics would not be out of place in the most modern of homes, great spot for home work and some creative arts.


Australia’s Newest Marketplace Luxemarket - Online Store Oz

So Would I Buy From Them?

The store is cool, good customer service, nice and stylish range of products and fair shipping rates. Obviously following my usually savvy shop around, looking for best prices then yes. They get a thumbs up from me and certainly a store to watch now and into the future.

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