Australian War Memorial

Their courage, bravery, determination and heroism; ‘s what filled the air of one of the worlds greatest memorials, the Australian war memorial. The architecture is one of the best that you would ever see. It is one of its kinds memorials; magnificent and beautiful. It is a very popular tourist attraction.

Australian War Memorial
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Location of Australian War Memorial

Its located in the capital city of Australia, Canberra.

History of Australian War Memorial

Charles Bean, the official World War I historian of Australia initiated the idea of a museum memorial for the Australian soldiers. It was completed in the year 1941 and opened on November 11  1941. A remembrance ceremony was also held before the opening.  The memorial was designed by Emil Sodersten and John Crust. This place never failed to impress the tourists visiting it.

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Just on taking the first step, I bet,  you will yell “wow!!! This is marvellous, a beauty!”  The memorial consists of 3 sections.

The commemorative spot is amazing. The stunning part of this section is the Hall of memory. It is a tall domed chapel with a small floor plan in the form of an octagon, the golden dust colour and the breathtaking details made are sure to catch your attention.

One more beautiful piece of art is the stained glass patterns representing traits of Australian servicemen and woman, reminding the important role of women in the war and struggles. The fact that enhances the beauty of this stained glass is that it was the work of a one-armed muralist Napier Waller (Australian).

Moving further in there, you will reach a narrow courtyard with a memorial pool with shrubbery and rosemary on the sidewalks blending perfectly with the courtyard. There is a series of bronze plaques that had names of 102,000 Australian servicemen and women killed in conflicts like the Second Boer War and the Boxer Rebellion. Moving on, towards the west and east you will come across two more galleries covered with names of thousands who died in World war 1 and 2 and conflicts ever since. A salute to every one of them.

The second important part was the memorial building, a two-floor building that is of a byzantine architecture style and elements of Art Deco, in simple words a superb architecture. The upper level consists mainly of things related to World War 1 and Gallipoli campaign but what’s notable here is the Aircraft hall. This hall contains a number of complete aircraft from WW1. Further, between the wings there was the Hall of valour where 61 of the 96 of the Victoria crossed awarded to Australian soldiers were displayed with the original photographs.

The final and the best part of the memorial was the sculpture garden it contained a variety of monuments here too there are bronze plaques commemorating a variety of branches of services and historical events. The eye-catching of all is the gigantic figure of the WW2 Australian soldier. And decent walk on the park and I even noticed various gun barrels thus ending my most informative and heart touching visit to the memorial. A must visit if you are in Australia.

Enjoyed the bravery and heroism filled atmosphere of the Australian War Memorial, Canberra? Had a great time enjoyed the great architecture and beauty of the place? If you were amazed by the beautiful place, please comment below and share the details of your experience here.

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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