Australian Saunas: The Quality of Golden Designs

If you’re looking for an Australian sauna with impeccable quality and carefully crafted designs, look no further than Golden Designs. With decades of experience designing and manufacturing residential and commercial saunas, spas, steam rooms, and other relaxation products, Golden Designs has become a trusted name in the industry. From the materials used to build their units to their expert customer service team, there is simply no denying that Golden Designs offers some of the best saunas on the market today. 

Overview of Materials Used in Golden Design Saunas 

Golden Design saunas are all constructed using superior-grade materials that offer maximum durability as well as superior insulation. The interior of the unit is made up of solid cedar, providing a tranquil and natural feel to your home. The exterior is composed of tongue-and-groove redwood paneling, expertly fitted together for an aesthetically pleasing finish. Every Golden Design sauna also comes with heavy-duty stainless-steel straps, reinforced corners, and two layers of foam insulation to ensure maximum heat retention. These materials combined provide a beautiful and long-lasting sauna that will offer years of enjoyment and relaxation. 

Benefits of Owning a Golden Designs Sauna

The benefits associated with owning a sauna are numerous; from improved health and wellness to relaxation and stress relief, there’s something for everyone to gain from using a sauna. Here are some of the greatest benefits that come with owning a Golden Designs sauna: 

Health and Wellness Benefits 

Regular use of a sauna can have both physical and mental health benefits, ranging from improved circulation to reduced stress. Your body naturally releases endorphins during sauna sessions, which in turn promotes improved overall wellbeing. Additionally, using a sauna is an excellent way to improve lymphatic drainage and purify the body’s toxins—all without having to lift a finger! Not only does this help relieve stress, but it also helps promote better sleep quality and energy levels throughout the day. 

Relaxation and Stress Relief 

The soothing heat generated by your sauna instantly calms the mind and body, providing a much-needed escape from the stresses of everyday life. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oils to the steam and you’ve got yourself a private spa session! A Golden Designs sauna is an excellent way to relax, unwind, and refresh after a long day. 

Detoxification and Improved Circulation 

Golden Design saunas use infrared heat technology to help increase circulation within the body. This helps flush out toxins that have built up in our bodies over time—such as heavy metals, environmental pollutants, etc.—and helps promote healthier skin complexion. Additionally, regular use of your sauna can help reduce pain associated with arthritis or sore muscles by increasing blood flow to these areas. 

Safety Considerations and Best Practices 

Just like any other piece of equipment, there are certain safety considerations that should be taken into account when using a sauna. It is important to stay hydrated before, during, and after sessions in order to avoid overheating. Additionally, it is recommended not to use the sauna if you are pregnant or have health conditions such as heart disease or high blood pressure. Always consult with your doctor beforehand for advice on how to safely operate your sauna. 

Installation and Maintenance of a Golden Designs Sauna 

Installing a Golden Designs sauna is easy and straightforward—although it’s always best to hire a professional electrician to help with the wiring. Additionally, Golden Designs provides detailed instructions on how best to care and maintain your unit in order to ensure its longevity. This includes regularly cleaning and checking the seal of the door, as well as ensuring any electrical cords are properly wired and functioning correctly. 

Site preparation and Foundation Requirements 

Before you can install your sauna, it is important that you take a few steps beforehand to prepare the site. For starters, make sure that the area where you’d like to place your sauna is properly ventilated and flat (preferably made out of concrete). Secondly, check for any potential electrical hazards such as water lines or gas lines in order to avoid accidents or injury during installation. Finally, make sure the area is free of any combustible materials such as wood, paper, or fabrics before you begin. 

Addressing Common Questions About Golden Designs Saunas 

One of the most common questions potential buyers have when looking into saunas is whether they’re safe for everyday use. The answer is yes—Golden Designs saunas are designed to meet stringent safety standards and come with several extra features that help ensure user safety during each session. Additionally, all electrical components are UL-certified, meaning they’ve been approved and tested by a third party organization to guarantee their quality and reliability.  

Addressing Concerns and Doubts Potential Buyers May Have 

When it comes to buying a sauna, potential buyers may have some doubts and concerns about investing in such a product. This is completely understandable; after all, it’s not a small purchase. Luckily, Golden Designs understands this and offers customers a 30-day return policy on their products. They also offer lifetime warranties on their saunas for added peace of mind that your investment will be well looked after for years to come. 


Golden Designs has been offering luxury relaxation products since the early 1970s and knows exactly how to make sure each customer gets the most out of their sauna experience. With superior grade materials, UL-certified electrical components, expert craftsmanship, and top-notch customer service—it’s no wonder that Golden Designs saunas are so popular. So whether you’re looking for a way to relax, detoxify your body, or just enjoy some peaceful alone time—a Golden Designs sauna is the perfect choice. 

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