Australian Parliament House – Ten Fascinating Facts

Australia is one of the most developed countries of the world. This place has everything at its very best. The country is rich in its economy, education system, industrialization and urbanization as well as fair governance for its citizens. The Australian Parliament House is one phenomenal place not for just the officers who sit in it and conduct their important meeting and discussions, but also for the visitors who appreciate architecture and fine arts. The Parliament House is the meeting place of the Parliament of Australia.

The Location of the Australian Parliament House

The construction of the Australian Parliament House has never been an easy task since the location of this place became a highly debatable issue because of which the construction met a big halt. Soon, the construction of the Australian Parliament building began in the year 1981.This house of Parliament is located in the Australian capital territory, Canberra. This wonderful and magnificent building was designed by the duo Mitchell/Giurgola as well as Thorp Architects who made this piece of architecture open to its people on the 9th of May, 1988 by the gracious presence of the Elizabeth II, the then queen of Australia. Since then, all the important federal meetings and discussions take place inside the magnificent Australian Parliament House.

The spectacular structure: 

The Australian Parliament House dons a wonderful structure, both at its exterior as well as interior. The prime design of this parliament house is based on the figure of two different boomerangs. The same is topped by a flagpole of 81 meters. The interiors of the Australian Parliament House too are mesmerizing. The whole structure is gigantic with a space of 4,700 room and many other areas that are made open to the public. The most amazing part of the Australian Parliament House is the House of Representative Chamber that has been decorated in all green. The senate chamber on the other hand embraces red color. In between the two chambers is located the Members’ Hall which contains a tantalizing water feature, not open to public. Thus, the whole structure of this building is majestic and awe-inspiring.

Visit the Australian Parliament House

The Australian Parliament House is worth a visit if you are traveling and exploring Canberra. Your visit to Parliament house will offer you a golden chance of being a part of the democracy in action. Besides, the decoration along with wonderful interiors and exteriors will take your breath away. Visit the Australian Parliament House to get acquainted with the democratic culture of the country.

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Australian Government website here

Here are Five Fascinating Facts You Didn’t know

A name that Predates the Norman Conquest

Palace of Westminster, the official name of the building, stems from the fact that Edward the Confessor, the penultimate Anglo-Saxon monarch of England, built a palace on the site of the modern Parliament building sometime between 1045 and 1050.

The palace was rebuilt during the Victorian era as a neo-gothic structure and is now an eight-acre jumble of buildings, courtyards, corridors, and passageways, according to the BBC. “There are more than 1,000 rooms and three miles of passageways.”  

Each year, the Monarch opens Parliament

In November or after a general election, the State Opening of Parliament occurs, and is a great opportunity to see the Queen riding from Buckingham Palace to Parliament in the Irish State Coach, PlanetWare reports.  

During WWII, the House of Commons was destroyed

In 1941, a bombing raid destroyed the House of Commons chamber.

It was rebuilt to designs by Giles Gilbert Scott, who was the architect of both Bankside and Battersea power stations, as well as the famous red telephone boxes scattered throughout the city, according to Guide London. “All Commonwealth countries contributed to the refurbishment. There was an Australian replica of the original Speaker’s chair, and a Fijian silver gilt inkstand.”

The purpose of the Commons is to Discourage Sword Fighting

In the Daily Telegraph, it is noted that two sets of red lines on the floor of the House of Commons – just in front of the front benches of government and opposition – are “supposedly more than two sword lengths apart so that opposing members do not engage in a duel mid-debate”.

The Building was Abandoned once due to a Bad Smell

According to Time Out, Parliament had to abandon business in the 1800s due to foul-smelling gases rising up from the Thames. “That was during the Great Stink of 1858, when the river was the main outlet for human waste produced by the city.”

Nevertheless, civil engineer Joseph Bazalgette is credited with diverting much of the human and industrial waste from the Thames shortly afterwards, greatly improving the smell of the river.

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