Australian Family Trip on a Budget – How and Where to Save Money

Australians love their road trips – and who’s to blame them! With a country so vast and a coastline so long, there’s no better way to explore it with your family than to hop into your car and embark on a week-long journey. What’s also great about road trips is that they can be very gentle on your wallet, getting the most fun for the least amount of money. Here’s how to plan your next road trip with a tighter budget in mind.

Budgeting is key

When you’re traveling on a budget, it’s very important to have your expenses planned out. List out how much money you are prepared to spend on food, how much is your kids’ daily allowance, and how much you’ll be spending on gas. This budgeting table will help you stay on top of your allotted finances and will keep you from overspending. A great tip for saving money is to research which gas stations have the best prices and only stop there. This way, you’ll be sure you’re saving some money!

Prepare some snacks

Relying on roadside diners for food and drive-throughs for your coffee needs can make your spendings skyrocket quite rapidly. This is why it’s important to go grocery shopping before your trip and buy food that is easily stored, won’t go bad in a couple of days, and is highly nutritious. Snacks such as trail mixes, protein bars, and jerky can last and are pretty tasty too. Don’t forget to pack something fun to snack on so your kids will enjoy eating too. Not every snack needs to be completely nutritiously balanced, especially not on a road trip.

Plan out your stops

When planning a great family trip to explore Australia’s beautiful landmarks, it’s very important to plan your stops. Make sure to know where you’ll make your overnight stops. When traveling as a family, it’s also highly important to know whether these motels or hotels are appropriate for kids, especially if you travel with a toddler in your back seat. You can save on trunk space if the hotels you’re visiting offer cribs for your youngest, meaning you won’t have to haul your own.

Ensure your car

It’s extremely important to have your ride ensured when you’re going on a long road trip. What you should also pay attention to is that your car is ensured in every state of Australia. You should get yourself a carefully tailoured car insurance policy, making sure you don’t have to worry about being stranded on the road with your family if your car stops working. For the purposes of a road trip, it’s extremely important that your insurance covers towing and your personal transport if something unexpected occurs with your vehicle. With proper insurance, you won’t spend a vast amount of money on emergencies.

Keep your kids entertained

Driving doesn’t have to be a chore. Make it enjoyable by planning fun activities for the trip. Family games such as ‘I spy’ are entertaining for all ages and allow children to take in the landscape and enrich their vocabulary. On the other hand, if your family loves music, make a playlist that will provide the best soundtrack for your trip. Audiobooks can also be exceptionally enjoyable, just make sure they’re family-friendly. Download road trip bingo cards from the Internet so your kids can color in as they notice nature, road signs, and landmarks along the way to get them even more enthusiastic about your journey. Buying postcards in each town you visit is another enjoyable activity to pass the time while also being great souvenirs of your trip. It can also be fun to write and send postcards to your family and friends back home, so don’t forget to bring along some stamps.

Don’t steer away from AVICs

Visiting AVICs (Accredited Visitor Information Centres) during your road trip is another of our suggestions for the ultimate family vacation. These welcome centers have helpful employees who will assist you with everything from scheduling the best activities to uncovering local gems. What is also great about AVICs is that they’ll offer you some great discounts which you can use during your trip.

Organizing a budget-friendly road trip in Australia doesn’t have to be scary. Your family will be happy when you’re all together, taking in all the wonderful scenery this country can offer. Planning out both your budget and stops in advance will spare you money and headache along the way. Insuring your car should be your top priority while discounts by AVICs can further help you stay on track with your finances.

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