As A Man Thinketh by James Allen: Book Review

A Quick Review of As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

What did I like the most? The write has beautifully enunciated the relation between thoughts and actions.

Though not an exhaustive one yet, this book suggests one and all because it inspires men and women alike to discover themselves. The simple words yet telling the people that ‘They are the makers of themselves. The process starts with a thought, and the idea helps the mind mould the character and circumstances. All actions result depending on the quality of the study. Or we can say that the thought is the seed and activities are the plants. JL Nehru, the ex-prime minister of India, says that great ideas, when practised, become significant actions. Taking an example from nature gets the type of plant, as is the type of seed. Hence what one sows, one reaps.

The writer imagines the human mind as a garden. To enunciate, one can say that good thought bears good fruit and lousy thought rotten fruit. Whether it is a good or bad thought, human life is a mixture of both. Further to emphasize, the writer says that one must be aware enough to sow the quality of study in one’s mind.

We may define the word character as the total of one’s thoughts. Hence, any human being is what they think.

A noble character is also a human being, but they could achieve this character with long-cherished noble thoughts.

What is the key to open the door of the temple of knowledge? The key is, in simple words, one who strives with patience, practices work continuously can get the key to open the door of the temple of knowledge.

The choice of thought is the key to building a moral character. The three factors—Power, Intelligence, and Love are the tools to shape an excellent character. They do not deny the fact that a person cannot choose their circumstances. 

What one control is the quality of thought? Therefore, the choice of ideas helps in making the circumstances favourable to a great extent. Again, if the study creates favourable or unfavourable circumstances, why is it often said that a person fights against circumstances? One can conclude a person may revolt against an effect. In contrast, they may preserve its cause in the heart. Human life is a series of events. Each event presents a new spiritual lesson to human beings. So human beings learn from every experience. Conclusively, when one attains this knowledge, they come to realize that his experiences, good and bad, were the fair outcome of their developing yet unevolved self.

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