Are There Lessons to EU after Brexit Vote?

Lessons For EU after Brexit Vote

This week will see more rituals after the EU exit vote by the UK. As the markets gyrate, national leaders will be caught in extended meetings. Brussels summit will prolong deep into the night.

As at the moment, the tension rising has been silenced by unity statements and promises for a better future.

But after the Brexit vote, the continent’s leaders are now faced with deeper decisions to make. These choices are not the kind to just paper over.

“They can’t pretend nothing happened,” said Franco Pavoncello, a political analyst in Rome. “If they do that, the risk of further breakup and even disintegration of the euro might increase.”

The Monday meeting between President Francois Hollande – France, Angela Merkel – Germany and PM Matteo Renzi – Italy had the background to set. They have to choose whether to start the withdrawal process or assume that a second referendum may happen.

The leaders have to choose if they will learn from the British lesson. Is it the real picture around the bloc? And if so, can they make the needed changes for integration?

Some other lessons to EU will include confronting the power dynamics that major bloc members keep on complaining about. Italy and France feel Germany is dominant when it comes to austerity economics.

Top EU Leaders in Troubles at Home

Mr.Hollande, Mr.Renzi and Ms.Merkel are the top leaders in the EU facing intense pressure at home. Mr.Hollande and Ms.Merkel have a general election to contend with while Mr.Renzi is hanging on the loose following a referendum to shift Italy’s structure. The people of Europe must take the

Spain’s Sunday National elections were an indication that there are shambles in EU politics. This was the second vote after six months in a political deadlock that the country faced.

In Lala land again, Mr.Hollande said that “Brexit raises a question mark for the whole planet.” Time will tell if there are lessons to EU that can strengthen the union or Brexit is just the start of a populist shock wave. He was right Trump soon to be in complete control and Le-Pen

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