Apple News Roundup: Multibillion Lawsuit, iPhone 8 Leak, Mysterious iPhone Discovered…

Apple News Gossip: Multibillion Lawsuit, iPhone 8 Leak, Mysterious iPhone Discovered in Talks

We take a look at the top headlines from Cupertino that had people talking in the first month of 2017.

This month’s Apple News Roundup includes vital iPhone 8 hardware updates, iOS 10.2.1 battery issues, Apple’s AirPods and effects on luxurious lifestyle, Apple’s major anniversary, Apple’s big plans for the next mysterious iPhone X, Surge in App Store prices, Bill Gates just challenged Apple and updates to Outlook for iOS.

Apple News Roundup is here to remind you of the interesting discussions in the Apple world over the past 30 days. We will also have a monthly digest for Android News Roundup.

Apple Celebrates 10th Anniversary

On 9th January 2007, Steve Jobs got up on stage and unveiled what would later become Apple’s breakthrough – an iPhone. During the launch, Jobs talked of a gadget that would revolutionize the internet. Back then, it wasn’t clear how this simple phone would do that.

During his description of the first iPhone, Jobs said: “A widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough internet communications device.”

10 years down the line Apple’s iPhone is no longer just a phone but an “iPhone”. The company has significantly impacted new smartphone technology. The Silicon Valley-based firm has not only innovated new products but also killed off ones they felt have been faced out by time.

Apple’s phone segment alone generates revenue that can comfortable rival Google and Microsoft.

But even as Apple celebrated the unveiling of the first iPhone this month, anxiety is already high over its next iPhone. We have a detailed discussion of this as you progress with the article.

Source: The Mirror

Apple Sues Qualcomm for One Billion Dollars

Enough is enough! Apple may have told itself. The firm believes that Qualcomm is enjoying benefits that it did not work hard for. It accused the chip-maker of “charging royalties for technologies they have nothing to do with.”

The $1 billion lawsuit came barely a week after U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s lawsuit against Qualcomm due to its patent licensing practices.

Apple said that every time it comes up with unique innovations like cameras, advanced displays and TouchID, Qualcomm unfairly gets more money out of it. The San Diego-based company only helps to make the manufacturing process more expensive. That has significantly hindered Apple’s ability to fund research into many other products.

Apple further alleges in the lawsuit that upgrading even an iPhone’s memory from 128GB to 256GB helps Qualcomm earn a larger royalty. Apple calls this “Qualcomm’s illegal scheme.”

Source: CNBC

Vital iPhone 8 Hardware Updates

Even as Apple continued with 10th-anniversary celebrations, its future iPhone continued to make headlines.

Swirling rumours emerged over the iPhone 8 features including an all-glass design, OLED display and wireless charging.

These exciting features continue to emerge even if the wait is still almost nine months. Apple is known to launch new iPhones during the fall of each year. The latest leaks that had much talking included the possibility of curved glass on the back. If this is true, then it will be a comeback feature that was first introduced in iPhone 4S.

But more significant was the upgrading of Apple’s dust and water resistance capability. The current iPhone 7 can withstand being submerged up to 1m below for 30 minutes. Apple is believed to be working on IP68 dust and water resistance technology that will help the future smartphone last longer and deeper in water.

Source: Forbes

Apple is Working on a Mysterious iPhone X

But the iPhone 8 name is not guaranteed to stay. There are suggestions of an “iPhone X” being introduced to Apple’s line of smartphones. A strong suggestion has persisted that Apple will shift from its naming pattern, and likely the “X” will be the direction taken.

The likelihood of this happening is high, borrowing a leaf from Apple’s iPad history. In 2012, iPad users expected the launch of iPad 3. That name never saw the light of the day. Apple significantly switched the name from iPad 3 to just iPad.

Using that as an example, Apple may choose to release into the market its 10th-anniversary gadget with the name “iPhone.”

Source: Tweak Town

iOS 10.2.1 Update Did Not Fix The Battery Problem

If there is a problem that many iPhone 6s users complained about most in January, it is the battery problems. When Apple released a new iOS update, expectations were high that it would fix the new operating system would fix this. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

In fact, Forbes reported that there were some cases in which the update made the battery problem worse by 30%.

Apple had some weeks earlier acknowledged the problem and hinted that a software update would solve the issue. However, iOS 10.2.1 targeted new features instead of fixing bugs.

Probably the next software update, iOS 10.3 would fix the whole problem.

Source: BGR

AirPods are all about Luxury

Apple’s latest AirPods advert is not just focused on the AirPods but also on a luxurious lifestyle, Forbes notes. The goal of its commercials is not to sell the wireless headphones but rather top instil the thought of a luxury brand in most users’ minds.

Quickly going through Amazon reveals to us just how much competition Apple faces with its wireless headphones. Thus, the company has changed its promotional strategy – target consumers that will happily pay $159 to be set apart.

Source: Forbes

Outlook for iOS Updated

Outlook for iOS has new features that improve the overall presentation and use of the calendar. The update came with handy features like the ability to create and edit repetitive events in the calendar.

In addition, an improvement was made regarding the display of fonts to make the email readable. Similarly, search has also been upgraded to make results be based on conversations instead of individual results.

To top on that all, there is an additional Passbook files support that enables the availability of info from boarding passes directly on the inbox.

Source: Neowin

The App Store Prices Increase

After June’s referendum vote, the pound hugely depreciated and Apple decided to respond appropriately. The tech-giant decided to increase its UK App Store prices about 25 per cent.

The increase is expected to reflect the parity in the dollar. For example, an app that was sold at $0.99 in the US (equivalent pound price is £0.79) will now be sold at £0.99.

This announcement was made via an email to app developers. The email informed that developers that sometimes a change in foreign currency makes it necessary to adjust App Store prices.

Source: The Guardian

In Conclusion…

That brings as to the end of this month’s Apple News Roundup. Be on the lookout for our detailed review of Android News Roundup in the next few days right here.

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