Apple iPhone 6S Plus vs LG G4 Comparison

Apple iPhone 6S Plus vs LG G4 Comparison:- Smart phone is the new trend in the world. All tech companies are in race for building top most smart phones. From design to camera to processor, everything kept in mind while making a smart phone.

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LG and Apple are two famous brands for bringing best smart phones in the market. At start, LG hesitated to enter in the smartphone industry. But recently, some awesome improvements have been seen from LG. Apple is already a leader in the market for bringing world class iPhone series.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus vs LG G4 Comparison

Recently, both companies launched their latest and updated smart phones. iPhone 6S Plus and LG G4. To be honest, like always Apple is the leading brand due to its top end products. So does the iPhone 6S Plus. But there are some features which make LG G4 an appealing device.

This article has  been written and dedicated to the comparison of iPhone 6S Plus and Lg G4. After reading this post, you have brief and comprehensive guide on both devices.

Dimensions & Weights:

iPhone 6S Plus is heavier and larger than LG G4 as it has dimension of 158.2×77.9×7.3. While LG G4 has dimension of 148.9×76.1×6.3-9.8 mm. iPhone 6S Plus weighs 192 g and LG G4 weighs 155 g.


Screen size of both devices are same that is 5.5 “. Difference came in terms of technology. iPhone 6S Plus has an edge of 3D touch.

Operating System:

iPhone 6S Plus is running on the most intelligent operating system on the planet that is iOS 9. No other operating system can beat Siri. While LG G4 has latest Android v5.1 Lollipop.


LG G4 is faster due to 3GB RAM. iPhone 6S Plus has only 2GB RAM.


iPhone 6S Plus is more powerful as it contains processor of Dual core 2 GHz. LG G4 has a processor of Dual core 1.82 GHz.


The storage of LG G4 is expandable up to 128 GB and starts from 32 GB. Storage of iPhone 6S Plus cannot be expanded. It comes in three versions of 16/64/128 GB.


LG G4 has a more powerful camera of 16 MP and 8 MP front camera. iPhone 6S Plus only owns rear 12 MP and 5 MP front camera.


iPhone 6S Plus can be used for straight 24 hours at 3G. LG G4 has a capacity of 19 hours.


Starting price of iPhone 6S Plus and LG G4 is $1229 & $929.

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