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List of books by Anton Gill / Oliver Bowden

List of Books Anton Gill / Oliver Bowden with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Anton Gill / Oliver Bowden. Find my selection in date order of Anton Gill / Oliver Bowden.

Anton Gill / Oliver Bowden List of Books to Read

Huy The Scribe Books

City of the Horizon  (1991)           

City of Dreams         (1993)           

City of the Dead      (1993)           

Assassin’s Creed Books

Renaissance (2009)           

Brotherhood            (2010)           

The Secret Crusade (2011)           

Revelations   (2011)           

Forsaken       (2012)           

Black Flag      (2013)           

Unity  (2014)           

Underworld  (2015)           

Desert Oath  (2017)           

Standalone Novels

The Hanging Gale    (1995)           

The Sacred Scroll    (2012)           

City of Gold  (2013)           

Into The Darkness   (2014)           

City of Lies    (2015)           

City of Desire            (2015)           

City of the Sea         (2015)           

Non-Fiction Books

Martin Allen is Missing      (1984)           

Mad About the Boy: The Life and Times of Boy George and Culture Club            (1984)           

How to Be Oxbridge           (1985)           

Croquet: The Complete Guide     (1986)           

The Journey Back from Hell: An Oral History – Conversations with Concentration Camp Survivors       (1988)           

Berlin to Bucharest: Travels in Eastern Europe            (1990)           

A Dance Between Flames: Berlin Between the Wars (1993)           

The Great Escape    (1994)           

An Honourable Defeat: A History of German Resistance to Hitler, 1933-1945            (1994)           

Ruling Passions: Sex, Race and Empire  (1995)           

The Devil’s Mariner: A Life of William Dampier, Pirate and Explorer, 1651-1715            (1997)           

Last Talons of the Eagle: Secret Nazi Technology Which Could Have Changed the Course of World War II     (1998)           

Extinct           (2001)           

Art Lover: A Biography of Peggy Guggenheim (2001)           

Il Gigante: Michelangelo, Florence and the David, 1492-1504       (2002)           

Ancient Egyptians: The Kingdom of the Pharaohs Brought to Life (2003)           

Trace Your Family History Back to The Tudors: Who Do You Think You Are?            (2006)           

Empire’s Children    (2007)           

Gateway of the Gods: The Rise and Fall of Babylon   (2008)           

We Built the Titanic           (2010)           

David Stirling            (2015)

List of books by Anton Gill / Oliver Bowden

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Anton Gill / Oliver Bowden.


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