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List of books by Anthony Burgess

List of Books Anthony Burgess with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Anthony Burgess. Find my selection in date order of Anthony Burgess.

Anthony Burgess List of Books to Read

Malayan Trilogy Books

Time for a Tiger       (1956)           

The Enemy in the Blanket (1957)           

Beds in the East       (1959)           

Enderby Books

Enderby         (1968)           

Enderby Outside     (1968)           

The Clockwork Testament (1974)           

Enderby’s Dark Lady           (1984)           


Standalone Novels

The Wanting Seed  (1956)           

The Doctor is Sick   (1960)           

The Right to an Answer     (1960)           

Devil of a State        (1961)           

One Hand Clapping (1961)           

The Worm and the Ring    (1961)           

A Clockwork Orange           (1962)           

Honey for the Bears           (1963)           

Inside Mr. Enderby (1963)           

The Eve of Saint Venus      (1964)           

Nothing Like the Sun          (1964)           

A Vision of Battlements     (1965)           

Tremor of Intent     (1966)           

MF      (1971)           

Napoleon Symphony          (1974)           

Moses            (1976)           

A Long Trip to Teatime      (1976)           

Beard’s Roman Women    (1976)           

Abba Abba    (1977)           

1985  (1978)           

Man of Nazareth     (1979)           

The Kingdom of the Wicked         (1980)           

Earthly Powers        (1980)           

The End of the World News         (1982)           

The Pianoplayers     (1986)           

Any Old Iron (1989)           

Mozart and teh Wolf Gang          (1991)           

A Dead Man in Deptford   (1993)           

Byrne (1995)           

The Black Prince      (2018)           


Oberon Old and New         (1985)           

Blooms of Dublin    (1986)           

A Clockwork Orange 2004            (1990)           

Non-Fiction Books

Language Made Plain        (1964)           

Here Comes Everybody      (1965)           

Coaching Days of England (1966)           

Urgent Copy (1966)           

Age of the Grand Tour       (1967)           

The Novel Now        (1967)           

Shakespeare (1970)           

Joysprick       (1973)           

New York      (1977)           

Ernest Hemingway and His World          (1978)           

On Going to Bed     (1982)           

This Man and Music           (1982)           

The Heritage of British Literature           (1983)           

99 Novels      (1984)           

Flame Into Being     (1985)           

Homage to QWERT YUIOP           (1986)           

Little Wilson and Big God (1987)           

You’ve Had Your Time        (1990)           

On Mozart    (1991)           

A Moutful of Air      (1993)

List of books by Anthony Burgess

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Anthony Burgess.

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