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List of books by Anthea Fraser

List of Books Anthea Fraser with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Anthea Fraser. Find my selection in date order of Anthea Fraser.

Anthea Fraser List of Books to Read

David Webb Books

A Shroud for Delilah           (1984)           

A Necessary End      (1985)           

Pretty Maids All in a Row  (1986)           

Death Speaks Softly           (1987)           

The Nine Bright Shiners     (1987)           

Six Proud Walkers   (1988)           

The April Rainers     (1989)           

Symbols at Your Door        (1990)           

I’ll Sing You Two-O aka The Lily-White Boys     (1991)           

Three, Three the Rivals      (1992)           

The Gospel Makers (1994)           

The Seven Stars       (1995)           

One is One and All Alone   (1996)           

The Ten Commandments  (1997)           

Eleven That Went up to Heaven  (1999)           

The Twelve Apostles           (1999)           

Rona Parish Books

Brought to Book     (2003)           

Jigsaw            (2004)           

Person or Persons Unknown        (2004)           

A Family Concern    (2006)           

Rogue in Porcelain  (2006)           

Next Door to Murder         (2008)           

Unfinished Portrait (2010)           

A Question of Identity       (2012)           

Justice Postponed   (2014)           

Retribution   (2016)           

Standalone Novels

Designs of Annabelle          (1971)           

In the Balance          (1973)           

Whistler’s Lane        (1974)           

Laura Possessed      (1974)           

Home Through the Dark    (1974)           

Breath of Brimstone          (1977)           

Presence of Mind    (1979)           

Island-in-Waiting    (1979)           

Time on Trial            (1979)           

The Stone     (1980)           

Second Time Around          (1982)           

The Stand-In (1984)           

Such Men Are Dangerous (1988)           

The Macbeth Prophecy     (1995)           

Motive for Murder (1997)           

Dangerous Deception        (1998)           

Past Shadows          (2001)           

Fathers and Daughters      (2002)           

Thicker Than Water            (2009)           

Shifting Sands          (2011)           

The Unburied Past  (2013)           

A Tangled Thread    (2015)           

List of books by Anthea Fraser

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Anthea Fraser.

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